12 DEC 2016 - Offer

12 Days of Earning Day 1: Totally Free - KitchenAid

Over the next 12 days (the 12th to the 23rd) we are going to be highlighting one campaign every day that can earn you more over the Holiday Season. This includes both this Saturday and Sunday. These campaigns specifically convert well this time of the year, and can help broaden your offer base at a time where consumers are doing what they do best: consuming, more than ever.

Totally Free: Christmas! KitchenAid is a Christmas specific offer from renown survey site Totally Free, that offers the chance to receive products from one of the biggest brands in kitchenware, KitchenAid. Users fill out a short survey that will enter them to win items such blenders, processors, and more, just in time for Christmas. This offer converts upon valid registration and completion of the survey path.

CPA rate: $4 per lead

Traffic Sources: Web, contextual, social, mobile, search, e-mail

Why to Run it: Users can enter to win KitchenAid products that could double as gifts, plus the campaign features Christmas specific creatives.

Click here to be directed to the offer page for this campaign in order to start running it today.

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06 DEC 2016 - Conference

MaxBangkok at Affiliate World Asia

Our first Affiliate World Asia conference wrapped up earlier today, or later today I suppose depending on your geographical location. Either way it's over, but the true benefits and rewards will surely last much longer than a few days. We want to thank Affiliate World Conferences for putting on such an amazing show in an amazing city like Bangkok, and everyone who attended the show and met with us over the duration of the conference. Thanks for stopping by, and we'll hopefully see you in 2017 at ASW!

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02 DEC 2016 - Offer

First Choice Auto Loan Trending with One of Best EPCs

First Choice Auto Loans matches bad credit applicants with the best possible auto loans on the internet. It allows users to get approved for new or used auto loans in minutes, regardless of their credit history. Their site is simple and intuitive, which surely plays a factor in this campaign being one of our top trending offers at the moment.

This offer pays out $9 and converts on a valid 2nd page submit.

Something to note about this campaign is that it has one of the highest EPC’s in our entire network at $0.86. We’re talking top 10 out of hundreds of campaigns at MaxBounty. What this essentially means is that if you’re able to obtain a significant amount of traffic and clicks to this campaign, there’s a great chance that those also turn into conversions. More so than over 95% of other offers in the network. When users find this campaign, their interest continues until they’ve converted a lead for you. If you can find a strategy to ensure users are clicking and following through to the landing page, it’s likely the conversions will start coming quickly.

First Choice Auto Loan allows web, social, contextual, mobile, search, AND solo- traffic, providing you with a variety of ways to obtain that aforementioned traffic.

Login to your MaxBounty and click to run this campaign now.

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01 DEC 2016 - Conference

Talk with MaxBounty Next Week at Affiliate World: Bangkok!

Affiliate World: Bangkok is only four days away, and we're looking forward to our very first trip to Thailand!

If you're attending, you can come chat with MaxBounty at Booth B58 which you'll find straight ahead as you walk in the entrance to the exhibition floor on both December 5th and 6th.

This is our second Affiliate World conference overall, and we're beyond excited to extend ourselves to a new place on the planet in order to reach those of you around the globe!

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29 NOV 2016 - Office

See The 2017 MaxBounty Holiday Calendar Cover AND Outtakes

The Holiday Calendar has become a longstanding MaxBounty tradition, and the accompanying outtake/making of blog post is now becoming one as well. Below you'll find a handful of photos that didn't quite make the cut, as well as the one's that made the cover for the 2017 calendar.

Believe it or not, there actually were some calendar worthy shots, even though you might think otherwise after looking at the above.


And Here's the front and back of the final product. Complete with highly valuable MaxBounty autographs



Keep an eye out for your MaxBounty Holiday Calendar in your mail over the next month, and don't forget to share a picture of yourself with it on our Facebook Page

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