10 NOV 2016 - Offer

$34 CPA Touchfire Keyboard Kicks Off Gift Offer Season

The holiday season is rapidly approaching, and with that means a rise in popularity for campaigns based around gift oriented products. We’ll be highlighting these campaigns quite frequently in mailings and on our News Page throughout the holiday season to keep you informed of offers with the potential for increased conversions. Touchfire Case and Keyboard is one such campaign.

This offer is a per sale offer that pays out $34 for every complete purchase of the product.

Touchfire is an iPad accessory that turns touchscreen keys into an actual keyboard. Magnets snap the transparent device into place over top of the 2D keyboard, allowing for quicker, accurate, and more comfortable typing.

When promoting this campaign, affiliates are permitted to use their own banner creatives, but MUST have them approved by the advertiser by sending them to your Affiliate Manager. This can provide a great benefit if you’re adequate at creating effective banners that convert well. In addition to that freedom, you’ll also have EVERY non-incentive traffic source at your disposal. That includes web, contextual, social, mobile, search, and e-mail. Only traffic from the US is permitted

Login to your MaxBounty account and click herehere to request to run this campaign.

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04 NOV 2016 - Offer

Voting is Hard, Running these Election based Offers is Not

This coming Tuesday is Election Day in the US. It's hardly been mentioned in the media the last year so if that's the first time you're hearing about it we wont be surprised. To mark the occasion and help improve your earnings, we have FIVE election based campaigns for you to run until then. You may be having trouble deciding who to vote for, so we're providing you an easy decision when it comes to running these offers.

All of these offers essentially have the same campaign structure. Users sign up and participate in a poll asking them how they'll vote next week. Doing so makes them eligible to win prizes such as gift cards or cash. All of the offers convert on either a one page, two page, or e-mail submit. We don't even know who the candidates are to choose from because of how low key this whole election thing has been, so you'll probably need to do some research beforehand.

All traffic sources besides incentive are represented across the five offers, which may play a part in determining which to promote. All five have been converting well for our affiliates though so it may be a matter of testing which works best with your strategy.

Listed below are the five election based campaigns

Election Survey 2016 - Email Submit / $1.40 CPAElection Survey 2016 - Email Submit / $1.40 CPA

Elect: Democrat vs. Republican / $2.00 CPAElect: Democrat vs. Republican / $2.00 CPA

Sweepstakes A Day - Celebrity Trump vs Hilary / $1.60 CPASweepstakes A Day - Celebrity Trump vs Hilary / $1.60 CPA

Hilary Clinton vs Donald Trump - One Field / $1.00 CPAHilary Clinton vs Donald Trump - One Field / $1.00 CPA

Choose the Next President - $250 VISA Gift Card/ $2.00 CPAChoose the Next President - $250 VISA Gift Card/ $2.00 CPA

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31 OCT 2016 - Network

The MaxBounty Baseball Fright Fest Collection!

They're finally here! The MaxBounty Baseball Team All-Stars are now available in card form, meaning you can take the whole team with you in your back pocket wherever you go! These players are now forever immortalized (in more ways than one) for all you card collecting addicts out there!

These beautiful action packed FULL COLOUR fright-inducing photographs feature your favourite deceased MB All-stars such as Catcher, Vile Husky, the sensational slugging designated hitter, Tania Duhomicidal, and league MVP star outfielder, Steve Sauviolent. You and your friends can swap cards to obtain your favourite post-mortem players on your way to collecting the whole spine chilling set! All you need to do is find a nickel, and send it to the bottom of your pocket and keep it there because these cards don't exist and are not for sale.

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27 OCT 2016 - MaxBounty University

WATCH MaxBounty University Lesson Three Now

The third beginner training video discusses landing pages and what elements can make them either effective or ineffective. If you've been struggling using landing pages successfully or knowing what to include in them, then this lesson should answer a lot of questions you've been asking yourself.

You can find Lesson Three as well as the previous two beginners lessons, and additional advanced and supplimentary videos in the MaxBounty University section of the Affiliate Dashboard here. here.

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21 OCT 2016 - Office

MaxBounty Flashback Friday Showcase

Remember the 2000s? How could you not?!

Although it's now a forgotten decade victimized by time, it was once a magical era where people still rented movies, burnt cds, and seeing Donald Trump's face on your TV was contained to bad reality shows.

You know what else existed in the 2000s? MaxBounty. In fact MaxBounty kind of OWNED that decade. So let's take a trip back in time on this 'Flashback Friday' and analyze a few gems that were probably taken on a disposable camera, printed, scanned, and then finally uploaded to a computer running Windows XP three and a half months after they were actually taken.


This looks like a teaser for a new mid 2000's sitcom that got cancelled after the pilot episode. I guess "It's like a Canadian 'Friends' but their internet marketers." wasn't a very exciting premise.


Cargo shorts were the epitome of swag in 2008. If you disagree with that notion then you probably frequently had difficulty storing items back then with such an embarrassing lack of pocket space.


The great 21st century poet, Usher once said:

"Hey ladies. Hey fellas.

You know you're doing good cause they're jealous.

they wanna hate you cause you're a go-getter, pop ya collar

don't let 'em sweat ya."

That was a great philosophy to live by in the 2000s and Matt couldn't have agreed more at the time, clearly.


No animals were harmed in the making of this picture. Although an entire herd of cows were reported missing a little while before it was taken.


That two-tone quarter zip-up sweater is undoubtedly awesome, but let's instead turn our attention to that old school MaxBounty logo. There's so much outer glow photoshopped on that thing, that it's listed under the Periodic Table as a radioactive element.

I searched pretty hard to find a picture of someone wearing Jorts but came up empty handed. If only MaxBounty had been around in the 80s. Can you imagine the mullets?!

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