16 SEP 2016 - MaxBounty University

Watch The MaxBounty University Introduction Webinar

Yesterday we held a live webinar featuring Matt and Adam of MaxBounty to talk more about our partnership with Lead Gadget for MaxBounty University. The purpose of the webinar was to provide more information on what the purpose of MBU is, and what you can expect from it starting on October 3rd.

If you weren't able to catch the webinar yesterday, or would like to rewatch it, You can watch the full recording in it's entirety below.

If you haven't joined the MBU Facebook Group yet, you can also do that by heading here. This is the best way to stay informed while also providing a method of communication between those who'll be teaching the lessons, MaxBounty, and other members.

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13 SEP 2016 - Network

MaxBounty Introduces Their First Ever Training Program!

For the first time EVER, MaxBounty is introducing its own comprehensive performance marketing training! MaxBounty University opens its doors this fall on October 3rd, and will be available to ALL affiliates who have been approved into the network, free of charge.

We’ve partnered with website and lead generation experts Lead Gadget, to create a unique training program that’s designed to enable affiliates to reach their online goals at MaxBounty. Each week, a new video lesson will be released that focuses on a specific topic. These lessons will actually show you HOW to complete specific tasks that will expand your knowledge of performance marketing, all while broadening your skill set for promoting campaigns. This is performance marketing training done the right way, placing the importance on what you can do to improve your chances at being successful.

This Thursday September 15th at 2pm, we will be broadcasting a live webinar where more details will be unveiled about MBU and what it can offer MaxBounty affiliates. Whether you’re a brand new affiliate wondering where to start, or an experienced guru looking for something new, MBU will have useful information that can improve your promotional strategies and techniques.

We highly suggest you register for Thursday’s live webcast by clicking here.

You can also join the official MBU Facebook group where you'll be able to chat with other students as well as the creators of the training program. Head here to become a member.

Last but not least, if you're not currently a MaxBounty affiliate and want to become one to gain access to this training course, you can apply to become one here.

This webinar will be the best way for you to learn more about MBU before it goes live on October 3rd, and why it has the potential to become an ongoing tool that will assist you in reaching a higher level of success as a MaxBounty affiliate.

Don't forget your pencil.

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08 SEP 2016 - Affiliate Rewards

Affiliate Rewards Spain Ends but Tomato Scent Remains

MaxBounty’s fifth Affiliate Rewards is over, and although saying ‘it was our best one yet’ might sound cliché, it couldn’t be any more truthful.

Spain was breathtaking.

From the beautifully restored architecture that lined the vibrant art-filled (and later tomato filled) streets, to local cuisine that made you realize how boring and bland most of the food is you normally eat, you felt like you were somewhere special. Which is exactly what we aim for with these events – providing an opportunity for our affiliates to be rewarded by traveling to somewhere unique, entertaining, and undoubtedly memorable.

If being part of the world’s largest tomato fight with thousands of other people isn’t memorable, then we’re not sure what it is. The lingering tomato residue might also help refresh your memory.

Of course, the other important component of Affiliate Rewards is having the ability to talk one on one with other top affiliates and MaxBounty about promotion strategies, campaigns, and anything affiliate marketing. It's a rare opportunity in this industry, and a large part of what makes Affiliate Rewards so special.

Oh there is this as well...

The best part was getting to share this experience with some of our hardest working affiliates. They earned this trip, and we hope it provides some inspiration to all of our affiliates that you also have the opportunity to make it to Affiliate Rewards, as we WILL have more contests in the very near future.

One last big thank you is in order to Hans, Zac, Ken, Oh, Josh, Troy, Chris, Rohit, Dani, Charles, Deep, and Inbal for making the experience so enjoyable for the MB team and for their continued support and business with MaxBounty!

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25 AUG 2016 - Affiliate Rewards

T-minus 2 days Until Affiliate Rewards Spain!

It's here! After nearly 9 months in the making Affiliate Rewards Spain will kick off this weekend!

To coincide with the event we created a limited run of shirts that all of our affiliates who are attending will receive!

The front of the shirt showcases La Tomatina (which we will all be attending) and the MaxBounty logo in classic Spain red and yellow. Each affiliate attending also has their name printed directly on to the back, ensuring they'll never forget the trip, even if they end up not remembering some of it...

Although Steph, Beshan, and Val look alright in these shirts, we're confident the 12 affiliates coming will look even better.(Sorry guys)

See you soon, in SPAIN!

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24 AUG 2016 - Industry

Native Advertising in Affiliate Marketing

Wherever you find the words ‘native advertising’ you’ll most likely find them followed by ‘the future of marketing’ as many marketing pundits and analysts believe heavily in it’s consumer attracting potential. And for good reason. Even so, a widespread agreed upon definition of the term is elusive, perhaps because of the sheer number of ways it can be implemented.

What is Native Advertising?

The simplest way to describe native advertising is that it’s a type of online advertising that aims to match both the form and function of the platform in which it’s found.

Essentially it’s blended directly into the content. This isn’t done to ‘trick’ a user or consumer into becoming an impression or sale necessarily, but more a strategy to minimize the inherent obtrusiveness of advertising. A significant amount of the population hate having their senses pummelled online by a site covered in non content related ads from one side of the screen to the other. (Who would have thought?) And that’s why native advertising is so effective and has the potential to keep growing as advertisers find new and creative ways to use it.

Some common types of native advertising.

Sponsored posts

Recommendation Widgets

In Feed Units

Search Ads

Promoted Listings

How It’s Used in Affiliate Marketing

Native advertising is frequently used by big brand companies, but it’s also an extremely useful technique for many affiliate marketers. Some affiliates may already be promoting campaigns that way and not even realize it.

For example, if you’re promoting a fitness offer from MaxBounty and you operate a blog or website that provides work out plans. Integrating the text link for that campaign directly into a post is native advertising. You’re incorporating the ad into the content in hopes of making a smooth transition for the user when they go from content to an advertisement. They’ll feel less like their being told what to buy and more that their legitimately being suggested a product or service that’s relative to their interest.

Another common area where native advertising and affiliate marketing work well together is on social platforms. Affiliates who operate niche oriented Facebook pages can utilize sponsored posts to help them promote offers that are relative to their page’s content. You’ll also frequently see Instagram pages promote content related products every 10, 20 or however many posts. This is an effective way to monetize a social page through native advertising.

Utilizing a Custom Landing or Squeeze Page

Custom Landing and Squeeze pages can be a great tool to have in your arsenal if you’re using native advertising in your promotion. If a user clicks on a link but is directed to a page with too much information on it, the experience can quickly become one of confusion. A Custom squeeze page can be angled to match your specific strategy for promoting the offer. This also creates the opportunity for additional tracking analytics to enable testing and optimization.

There are many forms of native advertising that can be used in conjunction with affiliate marketing, and new strategies for doing so will continue to pop up as the online experience involves. More importantly then getting caught up in the ‘how to’s of those methods, is to remain conscious of what native advertising is and the benefits it can provide. Whenever there’s an opportunity to integrate promotion with content to break down the obtrusiveness of advertising, it should be seized. You AND the user will both appreciate it.

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