18 AUG 2016 - Offer

eWedding Ties Knot with Affiliates at Perfect Time

eWedding's Free Wedding Website is a campaign that was recently launched in order to target a certain time of year. Campaigns that tend to target seasonal periods like this almost always have significant earnings to be made early on because of the increased interest among a specific user base. Spoiler alert, we’re talking about wedding season.

eWedding is a platform that allows soon to be wed couples the ability to quickly create their own personal web pages for their upcoming wedding. Guests can RSVP, review the wedding details, and even see who’s going to be in the wedding party. The web page provides more control for the couple and more insight for the guests and is entirely free to create. Users can opt in to the premium version of the site which adds additional features and functionality to the base version. A lead is converted upon sign up and the creation of their free website and a CPA rate of $2.25 is paid out to the affiliate whenever that occurs

August and September are two of the most popular months for weddings, making now the absolute best time possible to start testing eWedding. There ARE users who need something like this to help organize their wedding. If you can find them then there are definite earnings to be made with this campaign. Any Mommy blogs, wedding/love-centric websites, or other niches that target an appropriate demographic have the potential to attract the right type of users.

The created webpages are assured to be mobile responsive and intuitive to use, they can also be upgraded with more features and functionality for a cost if the user decides they want more in their page.

This campaign allows for web, contextual, social, search, and mobile traffic, so you literally have more traffic sources to promote this offer than weddings have dinner options.

To promote this campaign log in to your MaxBounty account now and head to the campaign herehere

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16 AUG 2016 - Network

Navigating MaxBounty’s New Offer Categories

With the launch of our new site and user interface a few months ago, we introduced a newly renovated campaign browsing system. This update not only aims to provide affiliates with a different way to find campaigns, it also ensures they’re choosing campaigns that have a high potential for success. Although the ‘Search Campaign’ option on the sidebar will allow an affiliate to find any offer in the network, the campaign categories on the main interface offer some unique benefits.

New Campaigns and Recently Viewed are pretty self explanatory categories, so we’re going to give an expanded description of the other three tabs: Top Campaigns, Trending Campaigns, and MaxBounty Picks.

Top Campaigns

One of the most frequently asked questions any Affiliate Manager in any network gets asked is “What are your highest converting campaigns at the moment?” Although we appreciate and encourage ANY questions from our affiliates, you can now find the answer to that question immediately. Our Top Campaigns category literally shows you which campaigns at MaxBounty affiliates are currently earning the most money promoting. These are the cream of the cop offers, and if there’s a fit niche and traffic wise with your promotion strategy, then these could be a great option for running something new with a high earning history.

Trending Campaigns

This category is all about potential. These are the campaigns receiving the most attention by our affiliates. This could be happening because they’re either new, sought after, popular within the industry, or a combination of a number of those factors. Either way, you may soon find campaigns in this category in the Top Campaigns category. Running them before the market becomes saturated is important, because it gives you the opportunity to maximize the potential for increasing your earnings while the offer is still in the early stages of it’s life span.

If you’re stuck in a rut and looking for something different, a trending campaign is a great idea.

MaxBounty Picks

These campaigns are targeted towards EACH singular affiliate, creating a custom category that’s for you and you alone. These are certainly worth testing, because campaigns you’ve already had success with our used to determine which offers are displayed here, meaning the chance of you finding similar success with an offer in this category is high. If you’re looking for a new offer but don’t have something specific in mind, this is a great way to find one without risking the danger of going too far off the board of what's worked for you previously.

Although this new system is designed to give you more control in finding offers with high converting potential, always feel free to ask your Affiliate Manager about a specific campaign, and whether or not they think it’s a good fit for you.

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11 AUG 2016 - Industry

Pinterest Returns as Social Option for Affiliates

Pinterest and affiliate marketing have always had a bit of rollercoaster of a relationship at best. Some have claimed it’s not an effective traffic source while others have padded their wallets utilizing it as just that.

Regardless if you’ve found it an effective means for obtaining traffic or not, once Pinterest removed the ability to post affiliate links, the social platform’s usefulness to all affiliates obviously bottomed out. In the last few months that has changed, as has Pinterest’s minds on allowing affiliate links.

Pinterest’s initial reasoning behind removing affiliate links was because they believed spammers were abusing them, which is a fair reason for doing so. Since then, they claimed they have bolstered their detection system, making it easier to distinguish between legitimate affiliate links and those leaning towards spam territory.

Besides the ban being lifted, not much has changed or will change If you’re an affiliate looking to promote offers through Pinterest, as Adelin Cai – Pinterest’s Head of Policy, states below.

“If you use affiliate links on your site, you don’t have to do anything differently—just keep on Pinning as usual.”

The company seems to understand that there is business to be made by allowing affiliates to use the platform for promotion, and that there are users who are doing so honestly. This is good news for anyone who was previously using the site to promote offers at MaxBounty, or perhaps you never had the chance to try using it the first time around. If you’re looking to try something new with an offer that allows social traffic, this could be a great choice.

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09 AUG 2016 - Offer

BarkBox Fetches Subscription Box Service for Pets

LootCrate for dogs.

That’s essentially what BarkBox is, and it has the same addictive traits as a product and service that should make this campaign just as popular among users of a different demographic. People love receiving and opening something. People also love their pets. Combine the two and you can easily see the intrigue of BarkBox will create among pet owners.

This campaign converts on the purchase of a BarkBox subscription and pays out $13.50 per sale.

The service consists of a monthly delivery of 4 to 6 natural dog treats and toys, all curated around a specific theme each time. The items are hand picked by Bark & Co to match each dog’s unique needs, including allergies or medical conditions. Users can select from 1, 6, and 12 month plans and have the ability to cancel at any time.

Obviously this is a perfect campaign for any affiliates who have pet related sites or blogs, or have been successful promoting in the pet niche previously. The concept, branding, and creatives are all well executed and should go a long way in assisting your hunt for conversions.

This campaign allows for web, contextual, social, and mobile traffic.

Login to your MaxBounty account now to begin running BarkBox.

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04 AUG 2016 - Affiliate Rewards

Affiliate Rewards Spain Nearing Closer as Winners are Announced

With all the major summer conferences over with for another year, our next focus on our event calendar is the biggest one that’s ever been on there: Affiliate Rewards Spain!

Activities are being planned, flights are being booked, and stomachs are being reinforced.

The official winners are in and they include a lot of new faces as well as a couple of repeat winners! Congratulations to the following 12 affiliates who will be joining MaxBounty in Spain starting August 29th!

Oh N


Troy N

Charles M

Chris S

Zac D

Hans H

Inbal G

Ken L

Dani M

Rohit S

Deep S

We're beyond excited to hangout with this stellar group for a week across seas, and hope it's a truly rewarding experience for them considering all the hard work they put to make it this far. We think they'll be more than pleased with what we have in store

The countdown is on! Remember to visit our News Page frequently to get updates of when our NEXT contest will be starting.

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