17 OCT 2016 - Affiliate Rewards

EQ Bank Bolsters both Users and Affiliate Bank Accounts

EQ Bank - Savings Pluse AccountEQ Bank - Savings Pluse Account is a new financial campaign at MaxBounty that you’ll only find with us. We’re the first and only network that has launched this offer and its $110 CPA Rate is one of the LARGEST in the entire network for a non sale campaign. If you can discover an effective strategy for promoting this offer, there’s potential to increase your earnings substantially with such an enormous rate.

EQ Bank offers users an additional Savings Account outside of their traditional financial institution. This is a High Interest Saving’s Account that will allow users to save more money, while providing additional features such as unlimited e-transfers, bill payments, and no monthly fees. Users can sign up for the account in less than five minutes and have it approved and opened within the same day.

This offer only allows Canadian traffic and is available by request. Web, Contextual, Social, and Search are permitted sources of traffic. This campaign converts on a submitted new bank account application.

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13 OCT 2016 - Affiliate Rewards

Make MaxBounty Number One Again

Are you tired of being exposed to controversial debates, media agendas, and political mudslinging? Perhaps you’re having difficulty choosing between two refutable candidates within your developed democratic North American nation.

Well why not just vote for MaxBounty instead?

We promise it’s way less stressful and voting requires hardly any effort. Since MaxBounty has been voted the #1 CPA network for three years in a row by mThink’s Revenue Performance BlueBook Survey by the industry’s top affiliates and advertisers, you also already know you’re voting for a qualified candidate. We’ve achieved the three-peat but we do not want to relinquish the title and we’re asking YOU to help ensure that doesn’t happen.

Have you had a positive experience working with MaxBounty in 2016? Then make MaxBounty grea- we mean, number one again.

Vote for MaxBounty below:

Vote Here

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06 OCT 2016 - Offer

Longstanding Top Antivirus Campaign Norton Receives Rate Increase

Norton Anti-Virus has consistently been a top campaign at MaxBounty for many of our affiliates. Now it has a higher rate than ever before. The NEW $36 CPA rate for this offer converts on a completed purchases of Norton’s software.

Users can download Norton Security to help protect their computer, smartphone and tablet from harmful viruses and spyware. It’s widely considered one of the best anti-virus programs, and is one of the biggest brands within the MaxBounty network. Not only is this new $36 rate the highest this offer has ever had, it’s also our highest rate for ANY anti-virus campaign in the network, and Norton is already one of the most recognized brands for PC security and protection. These are high converting offers, and now they can make affiliates of MaxBounty even more money then before.

This campaign has a GeoRedirect version that we’ll link to at the bottom of this post that will automatically direct all leads to the correct Norton offer based on geographical location. Do keep in mind however that this campaign is simply a redirect shell, meaning It will track clicks but not leads. Full tracking can be found on the appropriate country specific version of each Norton offer.

This collection of Norton offers allow web, contextual, social, and mobile traffic. Custom creatives are allowed but MUST be approved. Please talk with your Affiliate Manager if you plan on using any of your own creative. This offer also allows traffic from over a dozen countries, which as previously mentioned, can be directed to automatically but using the GeoRedirect version of the campaign below.

Norton - GeoRedirect Norton - GeoRedirect

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03 OCT 2016 - MaxBounty University

MaxBounty University Lesson One Now Available!

MaxBounty University has officially opened it's doors this morning!

Our very own comprehensive performance marketing training has begun, and you can check out Lesson One if you’re a MaxBounty affiliate by heading to the MBU page in your affiliate dashboard here.

Today’s Basic Level lesson goes over traffic selections, choosing the right campaign, and making the most out of the features in the Affiliate Dashboard.

If you’d like to gain access to MaxBounty University but aren’t currently an affiliate of ours, you can signup to become one by heading here.

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30 SEP 2016 - Offer

RetailMeNot App Installs are Newest Offers in Coupon Site Niche

The App is the newest coupon site/app campaigns at MaxBounty, and we think that combination alone has high converting potential for many of our affiliates. This campaign has a $1.00 CPA rate that converts on a free install and subsequent open of the application. You can essentially make a dollar for every user that downloads the app through your promotion.

RetailMeNot is a premier deal site that offers users a diverse selection of coupon, discount, and sale promotions. Users can find deals for over 50,000 stores and restaurants from some of the biggest brands that exist including Best Buy, Macy’s, and even high end retailers like Sephora. The site’s affiliation with big brands will also help increase its own prestige and appeal among users.

Custom squeeze pages and landers are permitted in your promotion of this campaign, as long as they are approved before use. Contact your Affiliate Manager in order to get any custom creative approved.

This campaign allows web, contextual, social, search, and mobile traffic. There are also two versions of this offer for each major mobile operating system. Keep in mind that the iOS pays out 5 cents more than the Android version ($1.00 and $.095)

RetailMeNot - iOS RetailMeNot - iOS

RetailMeNot - Android RetailMeNot - Android

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