07 JUL 2016 - Affiliate Rewards

Winners to be Announced as Affiliate Rewards: Spain Contest Ends

The contest period for Affiliate Rewards: Spain has ended, and it’s now time for the 12 affiliates who will be coming with MaxBounty to Spain to be determined! Over the last 6 months thousands of you have battled for a position at the top of the rankings, and even if you didn’t quite reach the top, we hope you were able to improve in some way because of it. Whether it be expanding your knowledge, finding a new campaign, or developing your promotion strategies, becoming a better well rounded affiliate is more than just a consolation prize.

We are currently tabulating the results for all 4 categories, and winners should begin seeing e-mails notifying them if they’ve won shortly. The four categories include: 3 Most Improved affiliates, 2 Wildcard Affiliates, 1 Top Earning on McAfee Antivirus Campaign affiliate, and 6 Top Earning affiliates. All categories are based on earnings between January 1st and June 30th.

Thank you to ALL of our affiliates who ran traffic the last 6 months and participating in our biggest contest yet! We’ll have more details about the actual Spain trip soon. Be sure to check out our News Page frequently as well to see what we have planned for next time.


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05 JUL 2016 - Office

MaxBounty Soccer Team Poised for League Domination

(Read best with a British accent)

The MaxBounty Hurricanes are taking the league by storm with a dominating win last week that saw the club outscore the opposition by a convincing 3 goals to 1. It’s a pivotal moment in the clubs illustrious history made all the more important by the subsequent morale boost. After setting out their stall, the Hurricanes applied relentless offensive pressure for the entire match, taking the lead early and never letting it go. Keeper Aaron Quinn was a proverbial wall besides one penalty goal, playing the last line of defense marvellously in what was a bloody good game for the Kanata native.

The club must be just chuffed to bits about their recent success and the confidence is bound to carry over to tonight’s matchup. Can the Hurricanes continue their rise up the standings? Time will tell, but the future of the season is looking brighter than ever for this dazzling dozen.

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30 JUN 2016 - Network

New MaxBounty Features Focus on Importance of Landing Pages

The importance of landing pages and more specifically finding which one’s work the best for you is crucial for many affiliates. When we were developing our new site that launched last month, we made sure to keep this is mind. Deciding which new features we wanted to add to the updated affiliate interface was dependent on what we thought would actually assist affiliates. We knew providing more options for campaigns with multiple landing pages would do that. We thought we’d talk a little more about each one specifically, how to use it, and why it’s an improvement.

Customizable Landing Page Tracking Links

This can be extremely useful for the affiliate because often when campaigns have multiple landing pages, it’s because each LP is actually angled differently. A strict sales oriented landing page is quite different than one that utilizes an advertorial approach. You the affiliate may also be choosing to use a custom landing page, which in that case a ‘direct to checkout’ style LP is the best option. There’s pages with just basic text, and there's pages with video content, and this feature aims capitalizes on this diversity, allowing you to take advantage of campaigns with multiple LP’s by testing and optimizing your strategy like never before.

The below screenshot shows you the selection page you'll be directed to after choosing your traffic source on a campaign's page.


Individual Landing Page Reporting

Due to the previous feature we just discussed, you’re now able to also look at how well each landing page is doing in your promotion. This includes clicks, leads, clickthrough rate, earnings and EPC for each indivudal LP. Instead of just viewing your earnings for a specific offer, you’re now able to see how those earnings are split across the respective landing pages if you’ve decided to try running more than one.

This feature provides you with more insight in to what works better for your specific strategy or perhaps your traffic method. This was not capable in the old version of the site and it’s something that we really wanted to provide in the re-design.

Below you'll see how to use this new feature.



These two features combined provide affiliates with extra tools and information that are intended to help them decide what works best, hopefully leading to an eventual earnings increase. Optimization is a monumental part of affiliate marketing, and these additions are aim to do that.

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22 JUN 2016 - Offer

Whistle Pet Tracking Device Will Find You Earnings

The Whistle Pet Tracking DeviceWhistle Pet Tracking Device is one of those products that was created to solve a specific problem, and when the product is able to do just that, you can expect success to follow soon after. This campaign allows for users to purchase that device, and pays you the affiliate $36 for each sale that is converted.

The Whistle is a GPS Pet Tracker that is attached to the collar of an owner’s pet. The device is accompanied by a mobile app in which users can track their pet’s location, assisting in tracking down any pet that may wander or become lost. In addition to the GPS tracking capabilities, the app also allows for smart activity monitoring. This means users can stay on top of their pets sleeping habits, physical activity, and overall health. Whistle claims to be the only device that offers both tracking and monitoring to the extent that they do.

The Whistle has been featured in a number of mainstream news media such as Wired, USA Today, TechCrunch, Good Morning America, and BuzzFeed. This type of attention can go a long in way in establishing trust between the user and the product/campaign.

This campaign couldn’t be more perfect for any affiliates operating pet related blogs or websites, and targeted niche offers like this one tend to easily find success with that method.

Web, social, contextual, mobile, search, AND e-mail traffic are all allowed when promoting this offer, providing you with a wide range of freedom when it comes to promotional methods.

Login in to your MaxBounty account to start promoting Whistle Pet Tracking Device Whistle Pet Tracking Device, and become one of the affiliates who are seeing high conversions on this campaign this month.

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09 JUN 2016 - Offer

Reap the Rewards of Running PointClub

PointClub PointClub is emerging as one of our better performing survey rewards campaigns, offering users rewards in return for their opinions. The service is entirely free, and members aren't required to provide any credit card or financial related information, ensuring that they are never taken advantage of or charged hidden fees. This can go a long way in establishing trust between the user and this campaign. They truly have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

PointClub members are asked to complete targeted surveys that relate to their interests and demographics. For doing so, they'll be rewarded primarily with cash or gift cards. Affiliates are paid out $1.50 for every user who signs up and confirms through their e-mail. For a free sign-up that requires no CC information and rewards you, there's potential for conversions at that rate to add up quickly.

There is potential for a cap increase once quality has been established. If you get to that point you can contact your Affiliate Manager to inquire about an increase.

This campaign allows Web, search, social, and contextual traffic from the US. It's also mobile enabled. You can run it right now by logging in to your MaxBounty account and going to this link link .

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