16 MAR 2016 - Offer

Popularity Ascending for Qatar Airways Travel Campaign

Qatar Airways Qatar Airways is beginning to garner a reputation as one of the worlds premier international airlines. Offering flights to over 150 destinations, the company continues to grow in popularity and name value. The airline is also known for its exceptional service that includes luxurious first class cabins and special customer accommodations. You can take advantage of this recognition by promoting this campaign at MaxBounty.

This offer has a $12 CPA rate that converts on a completed flight booking. What makes this offer so enticing is that it’s literally available to promote to ANY country, and has unlimited cap for our affiliates at MaxBounty to utilize. This is some unparalleled freedom, making this a top choice for any pub looking to promote a high converting travel campaign. The offer also permits, display, social, search, and contextual traffic, and is mobile enabled.

Login to your MaxBounty account now to promote this offer this offer .

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14 MAR 2016 - Industry

Talk to MaxBounty in Person at LeadsCon Las Vegas!

MaxBounty will be in Las Vegas this week for another big industry conference. Leadscon Vegas 2016 starts tomorrow and it’s poised to be another impressive turn out. We’re hoping to see some familiar faces while also getting the chance to talk to those who will become the future of MaxBounty as well.

Leadscon takes place March 15th to 17th at the Venetian Resort & Casino. You’ll be able to find MaxBounty at the show by heading to booth #212 in the Expo Hall. Feel free to stop by on the 16th from 12 to 6 and on the 17th from 11 to 3. If you have any questions at all regarding our company and how we can work together, we want to hear from you!

The conference will also feature over 100 speakers and workshops that can aid in helping you hone your skills and knowledge as an online marketer.

See you in Vegas!

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09 MAR 2016 - Industry

Pinterest Ads Now Viable Option for Affiliate Marketers

Pinterest has been a top name in the social media space for a while now, but it’s usefulness in affiliate marketing has had mixed results. The site’s Ad Manager was previously only available to big brand advertisers. That now changes as the company has released a new set of advertisers tools that are now available to medium and small businesses. This means an affiliate like yourself can now utilize Pinterest’s reach and volume for promoting CPA campaigns like those featured at MaxBounty.

In addition to opening up the Ad Manager to smaller advertisers, the targeting of the ads have been revamped in order to provide more options, and increase the specificity of who you’re trying to target. That number is growing from a mere 30 interests to a whopping 420. This can benefit you if you’re promoting offers that have smaller niches than your big interests like food and fashion.

Monetization Product Manager Nipoon Malhotra had this to say about the change to the Ad Manager system.

“First and foremost we want to build an ad platform that provides value to Pinners and is additive to the experience. We wanted to maximize the value they’re returning to partners.

There’s a few other things which come into that, we’re building this for small and medium-sized businesses, wanted to make sure the platform is easy to use and is optimized for them. The results for them you see kind of speak for that.”

If utilized properly, this could be a great new way to promote campaigns that allow social traffic. It’s different than Facebook ads but has the potential to offer the same success.

Pinterest is also introducing what they’re calling customer database targeting, this allows advertisers to upload a customer database and which can then be used to create a profile of people they want to advertise against. They’ll be able to run campaigns against those profiles, providing an easier way to determine what kinds of users they’d want to advertise against. An increase in the number of keywords available is part of this addition as well.

This should open up another avenue for affiliates to promote CPA campaigns. The level of it’s effectiveness will only be determined in time though.

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08 MAR 2016 - Review

Top 5 Landing Page Builders for the Affiliate Marketer

Utilizing custom landing page is an integral part in becoming successful in CPA. They give you the ability to angle your promotion of a campaign to your liking, giving you both freedom and hopefully an increased chance at obtaining leads. However, understandably not every affiliate marketer is going to be an expert at creating a custom landing page from scratch. This is where landing page builders can be quite useful. They provide you with software that assist you in creating these pages, allowing most beginners with little design or coding experience the ability to creative great looking landing or squeeze pages. It can be hard to determine which is the best fit for you until you actually pay and sign up to one however. This list is designed to inform you of the top 5 landing page builders for the affiliate marketer, based on popularity and recommendations.

Instabuilder 2.0

Instabuilder 2.0 utilizes easy to use drag and drop software. The intuitive interface is designed for those with little to no coding knowledge, relying on a simple but effective visual based layout. This makes this builder a solid choice for affiliate marketing beginners. They pride themselves on giving the creator full control in designing the exact page they want, while packing in a ton of additional features such as built in analytics and SEO.

It would take us days to talk about all the features available, so it’s best to go check out their site for yourself. Their Homepage alone provides you 32 reasons why you should use the software.

Learn more about Instabuilder


Optimize Press works in conjunction with the popular content management system WordPress. Since the software is fully integrated as a either a plugin or a theme, this builder becomes an optimal choice for any affiliates who’s already familiar with WordPress. This software allows you to build and edit your Landing Pages in real time, meaning any changes you make to your pages will take place immediately without the need to preview or refresh anything. This allows you to make quick and instant updates to pages with no time wasted.

Optimize Press also focuses heavily on ensuring pages look great on mobile. If you expect your page to get a lot of mobile traffic then this may be a great reason to go with this builder.

Find out more here


Where Unbounce set’s itself apart from other landing page builders, is it’s focus on testing and optimization. This software is feature heavy in this department, and it can go a long way in helping you determine what works and what doesn’t.

Another feature that an affiliate can make great use of, is Unbounce’s lead generation capability. Unlike using forms from your email provider, Unbounce let’s you easily customize the form and the offer surrounding it. Changes are easy to make without a developer and the leads can be sent automatically to the rest of your email list.

Find out more about Unbounce.


This page builder claims to be the simplest one ever created, boding well for any newbies out there. LeadPages’ self hosting also aims to keep all processes and loading of your page lightning fast, an important component to ensure users are getting the most out of your page. Another enticing future of this builder is the ability to instantly duplicate pages, allowing a quick way to make subtle changes in order to test different versions of your page.

Leadpages offers three different packages that vary in pricing and features. This gives you the ability to choose only what you think you’ll actually require to create your landing pages, perhaps saving you some money in the end. They have a pretty informative demo video on their main page that can tell you more, so definitely check that out to see if this one’s a good option for you.

Visit their website here.

Thrive Themes

This one operates slightly different than some of the others listed above, in that it utilizes WordPress themes as it’s foundation. This doesn’t make it any less effective as a great page builder option though. In fact, this means there are a number of widgets and plugins that you can utilize to customize your experience, providing you with some features that may be difficult to find elsewhere. Thrive Themes is also a great option for sales pages and opt-ins specifically, and the large collection of templates available are easy to populate with content. The design of the interface is also one of the cleanest you’ll come across.

Find out more about Thrive Themes.

Out of all the above options, there’s no unanimous number one choice. You’ll have to weight the pros and cons of each and decide which is the best fit for what you need out of a landing page builder. Prices and features vary, (Some you’ll have to pay monthly while others are a one time fee) so take the time to check out the sites if you need a little more in depth info as to what each can offer. Hopefully this helped to give you an idea of what’s available to assist you in what is a very important part of CPA affiliate marketing.

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03 MAR 2016 - Offer

MaxBounty Seeks B2B Traffic to Meet Advertiser Demand

Promoting business to business (b2b) campaigns creates a unique opportunity to angle your promotions differently than other types of offers. You’re not attracting just typical users, but users who require the use of a product or service for their own business related operations. This types of campaigns tend to favour affiliates who are better equipped at targeting a more defined user base, since b2b offers tend to not be constructed for a mass market. Conversely, this can create more interest from users who are specifically seeking what you’re promoting. What you may lose in mass appeal, you gain in promoting something that can be extremely beneficial to a specific part of the market who know what they want.

We’re currently pumping out some great b2b campaigns with high converting potential, and if you’ve had any success in the past in the b2b vertical, then we think you might want to take a look.

We’ve listed all our b2b campaigns for you to check out below. These are campaigns that offer a diverse number of products/services, with varying CPA rates and permitted traffic sources. We’re looking for more affiliates to promote these campaigns to meet the demand of our advertisers. We need YOUR traffic and you can earn a considerable amount by sending it to these offers that have high converting potential.

All B2B Campaigns

AnyLoanToday – Small Business Loans – $4.00/Lead AnyLoanToday – Small Business Loans – $4.00/Lead
Emaze Presentations – Custom PowerPoint Design $80.00/Sale Emaze Presentations – Custom PowerPoint Design $80.00/Sale
Emaze Presentations – Buy Now 30% Off – $80.00/Sale Emaze Presentations – Buy Now 30% Off – $80.00/Sale
99designs – Logo Contest Launch – $60.00/Sale 99designs – Logo Contest Launch – $60.00/Sale – Small Business Loans – $24.00/Lead – Small Business Loans – $24.00/Lead
Kabbage Small Business Loans – US – $200.00/Lead Kabbage Small Business Loans – US – $200.00/Lead
Business and Personal Credit Score – Premium Upgrade – $48.00/Sale Business and Personal Credit Score – Premium Upgrade – $48.00/Sale
Nav – Small Business Credit Score – $8.00/Lead Nav – Small Business Credit Score – $8.00/Lead
PayAnywhere – Credit Card Reader PayAnywhere – Credit Card Reader

If you have any questions regarding one of these offers, your Affiliate Manager will be glad to assist you. Also feel free to leave a comment on our Facebook page and we can steer you in the right direction.

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