14 SEP 2017 - Offer

Offer Spotlight: EdX - Free Online Learning

When looking for a newly launched campaign to run, it’s important to analyze the factors that could make this campaign successful not just for you, but for anyone running it at MaxBounty. Ask yourself - Does this offer have potential to convert well for affiliates, and if so why? – Free Online Learning ($1.20 CPA) is one of those newly launched offers that we think is worth analyzing.

EdX is a non profit online education service that offers users access to hundreds of online courses and programs. The courses available on EdX are designed by some of the most reputable institutions in North America including Harvard, MIT, Berkely, and Columbia. This is a highly respected company, and legitimacy on that level can increaseinterest in a campaign if users are likely to trust what it is you’re promoting.

The timing is also great since we're now in the middle of September, which means the school year is starting or has started for most students. A larger emphasis on learning and education is present this time of year, and students could be looking for cheap and effective supplementary learning to assist in their schooling to progress or accelerate their career paths. EdX is one of the best places online to achieve just that. This is one possible angle you could take in your promotion of this offer.

One more feature that will encourage users is that signing up is completely free, and the offer only requires a one page submit to convert. If you're able to discover a strategy that attracts large qualities of traffic and clicks, then a high EPC could be likely.

CPA rate: $1.20

Permitted Traffic: Web, Mobile, Social, Contextual, Desktop

Countries: United States

Login to your MaxBounty account and click here to begin running EdX.

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24 AUG 2017 - Offer

Fantasy Sport MVP FanDuel Kicks Off Again at MaxBounty

The only thing sports fans enjoy as much as watching sports, is participating in fantasy sports. Fantasy sports have become a premier hobby for many in the last decade, and summer ending soon means that popularity is about to hit it’s annual high. American football, basketball, and ice hockey will all be starting new seasons soon, and users are going to be seeking platforms like FanDuel to try and make money off their knowledge of sports.

FanDuel is a leader in daily fantasy sports, paying out over $10 million in cash prizes every week. It's presence in the fantasy sports industry is bound to be the choice of many looking to get in on those pay outs. Users can even sign up for short term leagues that require no season long commitments. This is enticing for new users who might want to get their feet wet with little commitment, which could be a significant portion of the demographic, you as an affiliate would be promoting to.

This campaign converts on a sign-up and $10.00 minimum deposit.

CPA Rate: $24.00/Sale

Permitted Traffic Sources: Web, Social, Contextual, Mobile, Search

Countries: Canada, United States (Excluding Alabama, Arizona, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada, Texas, Washington)

Login to your MaxBounty account and click here to begin running FanDuel now.

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03 AUG 2017 - Industry

Vote for MaxBounty in the 2018 mThink Bluebook Survey

If you’ve been reaching your goals and improving your business with MaxBounty, we ask that you share that with the world by voting for us in this year’s mThink BlueBook Top Network Survey.

Every year, mThink tallies votes from affiliates, advertisers, and industry professionals to determine which CPS and CPA networks are considered the best to work with in the affiliate marketing industry. Professional service, quality of offers, and a network’s ability to stand out amongst their competition, are some of the criteria to consider when placing your vote. We like to think we excel at providing each of those to our clients, and if for any reason you disagree, we want you to tell us.

MaxBounty has been voted the #1 CPA network in this survey on three occasions, and we want you to help us make it four.

The voting is open now and you can have your voice heard by clicking here to begin the survey. The survey itself only asks four questions and can be completed in under a minute.

mThink is the online publishing division of mThinkDigital, a leading interactive marketing services agency focused on digital strategy, content marketing, customer acquisition, e-commerce and thought leadership.

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28 JUL 2017 - Conference

Download Affiliate Summit East Floor Plan Maps

Affiliate Summit East is happening once again this weekend, and we want to see your face so bad that we're going to make sure you have no problem finding us.

Below you'll find maps for both the Exhibit Hall and the Meet Market that you can download to your phone or laptop. You'll also find MaxBounty's booths conveniently marked in red on both, to ensure optimal walking paths.

Exhibit Hall Map

Meet Market Map

See you in two days!

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24 JUL 2017 - Offer

Bonus-Filled Airbnb Offer Launches at MaxBounty

Airbnb is one of the most popular online accommodation services and has become a household name (no pun intended) for being a great alternative to hotels when traveling. Their first CPA campaign has just launched at MaxBounty and is poised to become a big earner for our affiliates on name value alone. On top of the $40 CPA rate, there are eight tiered bonuses that can increase the payout up to $200 depending on the geographical location of the property that the host is trying to fill.

This campaign converts once a user/host receives a booking on their property. The eight location-specific bonuses for new properties or top tier locations will increase the initial payout, and are available to all affiliates promoting this offer. These bonuses make this campaign unique in that they have a drastic effect on how much you could earn from this campaign if you’re able to effectively target users who fall under the higher tiers.

Listed below are the right bonus tiers that stack on to the initial $40 CPA rate.

$160.00/Sale Bonus: host receives a booking (Tier 0 and 1)

$80.00/Sale] Bonus: host receives a booking (Tier 2)

$40.00/Sale Bonus: host receives a booking (Tier 3)

$40.00/Lead Bonus: host enters their property info (Tier 0)

$20.00/Lead] Bonus: host enters their property info (Tier 1)

$12.00/Lead Bonus: host enters their property info (Tier 2)

$8.00/Lead Bonus: host enters their property info (Tier 3)

$4.00/Lead Bonus: host enters their property info (Tier 4)

To learn more about what cities fall under each tier, you can click here to see a comprehensive list for each one.

Countries: United States, Canada

Permitted Traffic Sources: Display, Search, Social, Mobile, Contextual

Login to your MaxBounty account now and click here to request to run our new Airbnb offer

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