04 JAN 2018 - Conference

Find MaxBounty at Affiliate Summit West this Weekend

The affiliate marketing world makes Vegas its playground once again as another Affiliate Summit West commences this weekend at the Paris Hotel and Casino. If you’re attending, we want to make sure you’ll know exactly where you can find MaxBounty on all three days to ensure we get the chance to chat with you. We've also provided maps for both ballrooms that should help you in finding our booth locations.

Meet Market

When: January 7th

Where: Concorde Ballroom

Booth: J4


Exhibit Hall

When: January 8th-9th

Where: Rivoli Ballroom

Booth: 723


We're looking forward to seeing both familiar and new faces in Vegas. If you'd be interested in setting up a meeting with someone from MaxBounty while you're attending the show, just click here and send us a brief description of who you are and how you're trying to grow your business.

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18 DEC 2017 - Affiliate Rewards

Make Spent Travel Your Go-to Offer Leading into X-mas

The end of the year is the most popular travel time for a few reasons. December is a common month to take time off from work for holidays, people are attempting to escape from cold weather and snow, and visiting family in other parts of a country or the world becomes more plausible. This makes right now the perfect time to try out a new travel offer to capitalize on the increased trips users will be planning.

The Spent Travel App allows users to search millions of hotels across the globe to find the exact travel accommodation they’re looking for. Additionally, they can then earn money by receiving cash back from their bookings. This feature separates Spent Travel from some other travel booking services and therefore, their accompanying offers as well.

The image below from Spent Travel’s website explains briefly how the process works. For more info on the company and the app, you can head to their website by clicking here


This offers converts on any completed booking.

Note: Desktop users can book anywhere around the world, but mobile users can only access the app if they're US residents.

CPA Rate: $20

Countries: All countries allowed

Permitted Traffic Sources: Display, Social, Contextual, Search, Mobile Ads, Native Ads

To run this campaign, log in to your MaxBounty account and click here to be directed to the offer page.

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30 NOV 2017 - Affiliate Rewards

Run Bitcoin Lectures Offer to Capitalize on Latest BTC Surge

The value of Bitcoin has surged to an all time high this month, breaking the 10k USD barrier while doing so. If you want a campaign to run that will capitalize on this news, our new Bitcoin Lectures offer could be just what you’re looking for.

This campaign provides users with a comprehensive series of lectures that aims to educate and inform them about everything related to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Each of the 12 videos discusses a different sub-topic and the material becomes more advanced after each subsequent lesson. The following is a full list of the lectures included.

Lecture 1 — Intro to Crypto and Cryptocurrencies

Lecture 2 — How Bitcoin Achieves Decentralization

Lecture 3 — Mechanics of Bitcoin

Lecture 4 — How to Store and Use Bitcoins

Lecture 5 — Bitcoin Mining

Lecture 6 — Bitcoin and anonymity

Lecture 7 — Community, Politics, and Regulation

Lecture 8 — Alternative Mining Puzzles

Lecture 9 — Bitcoin as a Platform

Lecture 10 — Altcoins and the Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

Lecture 11 — The Future of Bitcoin?

Lecture 12 — The History of Cryptocurrencies [Bonus lecture]

This offer converts on a completed sale of the lecture package.

CPA Rate: $12

Permitted Traffic Sources: Display, Contextual, Social, Mobile Ads, Native Ads, Search, Incentive

Countries: Australia, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, United Kingdom, United States

Login to your MaxBounty account and click here to bring running our Bitcoin Lectures offer now

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22 NOV 2017 - Affiliate Rewards

RevShare Offer Poised for Big Black Friday Weekend is one of our first RevShare offers that was launched earlier in the month and there’s no better time to start promoting it then right now. If you’ve yet to try promoting one of our new RevShare campaigns, this would be a great option to start with.

Black Friday is this weekend, highlighting the biggest spending period of the year for North American consumers, leading into the holiday season. Not only do RoseGal’s clothing products lend themselves well as gifts, but specific Black Friday and holiday landing pages and creatives have been provided to help strengthen this angle that you can only use once a year. is a popular online clothing site that offers a wide array of clothing styles for both men and women. You can look at their website and products by clicking here

This offer is likely to have the most success when targeted towards users from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Belgium, and Belarus.

The percentage of sale converts on any completed purchase.

Percentage of Sale: 12%

Traffic Sources: Display, Contextual, Social, Search, Mobile Ads, Native Ads

Countries: All Countries

Log in to your MaxBounty account and click here to begin promoting this offer.

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15 NOV 2017 - Industry

Vote MaxBounty as Your #1 CPA Network of the Year!

There’s only one month left to vote for MaxBounty in mThink’s BlueBook Top CPA Nework Survey, with polls closing on December 17th.

If you haven’t yet voted for us, you can fill out the short survey by heading here. It only takes about 30 seconds to complete and all industry professionals including affiliates, advertisers, and agency members are encouraged to make their voice heard.

MaxBounty has placed 1st in these ranking three times previously, and we need your help in making it four.

We strive to continually evolve and adapt to ensure our network offers you new features and services, like our webhosting and revshare campaigns that we’ve recently launched. We hope you feel the same way when filling out this survey, and feel confident in naming MaxBounty your top CPA network of the past year.

Vote Now

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