10 NOV 2017 - Offer

Rate Increase and Promotions Bolster BarkBox in November

From November 10th until the 21st, the CPA rate of our BarkBox Subscription US/CA offer will increase by $12 to an all time high of $30!

This rate increase will coincide perfectly with the holidays, a time in which consumers tend to spend more money than any other point in the year.

To further increase sales, Barkbox is running a Cyber Monday/Black Friday product promotion during the month of November. This promotion going live at a time when the CPA rate has been nearly doubled is an enormous opportunity for affiliates. There has never been a better time to run this campaign, which has already been a top 5 earner for affiliates at MaxBounty in 2017.

During the weeks of Nov. 17th-23rd and Nov. 23rd-30th, Barkbox is giving users the chance to receive their first package at a discounted price of only $5 on a purchase of any 6 or 12-month subscription.

To start running BarkBox with it's $30 CPA rate, head to the offer page by clicking here

BarkBox is one of the most successful online monthly subscription services. They specialize in sending dog owners a curated package of dog related products such as food, treats and toys.

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06 NOV 2017 - Network

Be Rewarded for Quality with RevShare Campaigns

Starting today, MaxBounty is introducing a set of Revenue Sharing (RevShare) offers designed to provide you with a new way to earn money at the network. This will be a permanent fixture of MaxBounty, and you can expect a heavy influx of new RevShare campaigns going forward, just like we’ve done and continue to do with CPA campaigns.

If you’re unfamiliar with what exactly RevShare means or how it works, you won’t be in about 30 seconds.

What is RevShare?

A RevShare model guarantees that the affiliate and the advertiser of the campaign will split whatever revenue is generated from the traffic you send to a sale offer. Rather than a CPA rate, each offer will have its own percentage of sale that determines how much you, the affiliate, earns once a purchase has been made.

We’ll use a couple of our now active RevShare launch campaigns to break it down a little further:

Zaful is a leading online clothing store offering items in the latest fashion. Our Zaful RevShare campaign pays out 12% of sale. If you direct a user to this offer and they make a purchase consisting of clothing items that add up to $200, you’ll earn exactly 12% of their total purchase, which in this case would be $24.

If you’re promoting our Neuro67 Brain Supplement campaign (45% per sale) and you direct a user to the offer who buys $100 worth of supplements, you’ll earn $45. You’re receiving a specific cut of every purchase that one of your leads generates.

The Benefits of RevShare

Rev-Share rewards quality. If you’re sending traffic to an offer and those users are making large volume purchases, therefore making the advertiser significant money, you'll get paid accordingly. There are specific verticals where this type of model can be beneficial, and eventually you’ll learn where either CPA or RevShare is a better option, depending on what you’re promoting and how it’s being promoted.

When comparing CPA to a RevShare, it’s important to keep in mind that one is not better than the other. The introduction of these campaigns is meant to simply diversify the types of offers at your disposal with MaxBounty, while introducing the ability to utilize new promotional tactics when running RevShare offers.

The following is a list of our now live RevShare campaigns, which you can expect to continually grow post-launch. Click on any link to be directed to the offer page and start running these campaigns today. – 80% of sale – 80% of sale

Zaful – 12% of sale

RoseGal – 12% of sale

DressLily – 12% of sale

TwinkleDeals – 12% of sale

Venorex – Varicose Vein Solution – 45% of sale

Neuro67 Brain Supplement - 45% of sale

Provillus Hair Growth – 45% of sale

Sammydress – 12% of sale

Gamiss – 20% of sale

RoseWholesale – 12% of sale

iShopStyle - Premium Outlet Store – 8% of sale

MaxBounty Hosting – 40% of sale

WhiteRockLoans – 72% of sale

Don't hesitate to ask your Affiliate Manager if you have any additional questions regarding our new RevShare Campaigns

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26 OCT 2017 - Conference

Meet MaxBounty at ad:tech NYC Next Week

Ad:tech New York is taking place in just five days, and if you're attending the show, we highly recommend you come to BOOTH 179 in the exhibit hall of the Metropolitan Pavilion to meet the MaxBounty team.

Having the opportunity to talk strategy and campaigns with both familiar and new faces is something we don't take for granted. Whether you're an affiliate or an advertiser, we want to hear about what new strategies and ideas you've been implementing, while having the chance to tell you about our own.

That's only one of the things you can do at our booth, though. If for some reason that's not why you're attending ad:tech, here's a list of just some of things we recommend that will keep you entertained

• Engage in stimulating non-industry talk with fashionable MaxBounty representatives

• Exchange business cards and comment on the subtle colouring and tasteful thickness of said cards

• Charge your phone

• Sit down on our couch and watch our booth video on loop until its imprinted into your retinas and you've memorized each frame

• Leave the conference entirely and instead roam the streets of New York City looking for hidden diners, drive ins, and/or dives

Regardless of which activity you choose, we're excited to see you on November 1st!

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12 OCT 2017 - Offer

Offer Spotlight: AchorFree Hotspot Shield Elite Download

Affiliates running our AnchorFree Hotspot Shield Elite offer have been successful at finding users willing to purchase the VPN’s services. We’re now introducing a second offer of the same product that targets Mac Users. The main difference being that this new campaign will generate conversions just from an installation of a trial for Hotspot, rather than a processed sale of the app.

Hotspot Shield is a Virtual Private Network that allows for safe and secure internet use regardless of a user's location. The software protects the privacy of it’s users by never logging their identity or activities while providing lightning fast internet. It’s been featured on numerous mainstream publications such as Business Insider, Forbes, NBC, ABC, The New York Times, and Bloomberg, which should help with finding users who are already aware and trust the technology. This is important for a service that’s built around the idea of trust and security.

The installation of the software is a 7-day free trial, and only costs $13 a month once the trial has expired. The affordable pricing plan should be enticing for users which will help to increase installations of the app and therefore, conversions as well.

CPA rate: $3.60

Countries: United States

Permitted: Traffic Sources: Display, Contextual, Social, Native

Login to your MaxBounty account and click here to request to run this offer.

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