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22 NOV 2016 - Offer

$20 CPA DoorDash Has Earning Delivering Potential

DoorDash is a food delivery app that aims to change the perception of what food delivery can be through a feature rich service and application. They offer weather updates, prep-times, and other unique elements that set them apart, and have them increasing in popularity in North America.

This campaign has a $20 payout that converts on a food delivery order after the user has downloaded the iOS version of the app.

Something to consider if you plan on running this offer: (which we suggest you do) People who download the app are VERY likely to use it shortly after, at least once. Although conversions require two steps, (download + purchase) there’s a pretty instantaneous connection between the two when it comes to getting food delivered. Additionally, It’s likely that a user’s purchase could be well below, perhaps even HALF of the $20 payout, at least per person. Anytime a campaign’s payout has the potential be higher than what the user would be spending, it’s important to take notice. Combined with a well branded and effective service, there is a lot of potential to make significant earning from DoorDash if you exhibit a little patience.

This offer allows web, social, contextual, and mobile traffic from Canada and the United States. You can run the offer right now by logging in to your MaxBounty account and heading to the offer page found

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17 NOV 2016 - Offer

Fiverr Campaign Features 16 Different Rates and Promo Code

Fiverr has become an enormous online brand, and our Fiverr campaign at MaxBounty has been increasing the earnings of many of our affiliates partly because of that. Now with the introduction of multiple CPA rates ranging from $15 to $40, there's an opportunity for even more success.

Fiverr acts as an online marketplace and liaison between those looking for tasks and services, and freelancers who can complete them. Costs for these jobs start at $5, hence the name. Jobs include digital services such as design, writing, translation, branding, and social media. Since the services found on Fiverr are so diversified, this campaign’s payout structure has mimicked that diversification. There are 16 service specific rates for this offer, providing a larger audience of users to target towards, and more ways for your earnings to increase.

Another unique feature of this campaign is that by you promoting it with the promo code MAXB20, users will 20% off the services they purchase. The creatives supplied with this offer advertise this promo for you already.

This campaign allows web, contextual, and social traffic, and allows traffic from ALL countries. Having 16 different rates and traffic from every country permitted provides you with A LOT of freedom as an affiliate to achieve a higher EPC. A lead will be generated on the purchase of a service by a first-time buyer that’s been directed to Fiverr.

You can run this campaign by heading to the offer page located

Here are all 16 rates and the corresponding Fiverr category needed to pay out that amount.

$15.00/Sale - Qualified purchase by a first-time buyer directly referred to Fiverr

$20.00/Sale - Video & Animation - Spokesperson & Testimonials

$20.00/Sale - Writing & Translation - Creative Writing

$32.00/Sale - Programming & Tech - Website Builder & CMS

$20.00/Sale - Programming & Tech - Ecommerce

$20.00/Sale - Programming & Tech - Web Programming

$24.00/Sale - Graphic & Design - 3D & 2D Models

$24.00/Sale - Graphic & Design - Web & Mobile Design

$32.00/Sale - Writing & Translation - Research & Summaries

$20.00/Sale - Digital Marketing

$40.00/Sale - Video & Animation - Whiteboard

$24.00/Sale - Video & Animation - Lyric & Music Videos

$32.00/Sale - Video & Animation - Animated Characters/Modeling

$24.00/Sale - Graphic & Design - Presentation Design

$24.00/Sale - Lifestyle - Online Private Lessons

$20.00/Sale - Programming & Tech - WordPress

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10 NOV 2016 - Offer

$34 CPA Touchfire Keyboard Kicks Off Gift Offer Season

The holiday season is rapidly approaching, and with that means a rise in popularity for campaigns based around gift oriented products. We’ll be highlighting these campaigns quite frequently in mailings and on our News Page throughout the holiday season to keep you informed of offers with the potential for increased conversions. Touchfire Case and Keyboard is one such campaign.

This offer is a per sale offer that pays out $34 for every complete purchase of the product.

Touchfire is an iPad accessory that turns touchscreen keys into an actual keyboard. Magnets snap the transparent device into place over top of the 2D keyboard, allowing for quicker, accurate, and more comfortable typing.

When promoting this campaign, affiliates are permitted to use their own banner creatives, but MUST have them approved by the advertiser by sending them to your Affiliate Manager. This can provide a great benefit if you’re adequate at creating effective banners that convert well. In addition to that freedom, you’ll also have EVERY non-incentive traffic source at your disposal. That includes web, contextual, social, mobile, search, and e-mail. Only traffic from the US is permitted

Login to your MaxBounty account and click herehere to request to run this campaign.

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04 NOV 2016 - Offer

Voting is Hard, Running these Election based Offers is Not

This coming Tuesday is Election Day in the US. It's hardly been mentioned in the media the last year so if that's the first time you're hearing about it we wont be surprised. To mark the occasion and help improve your earnings, we have FIVE election based campaigns for you to run until then. You may be having trouble deciding who to vote for, so we're providing you an easy decision when it comes to running these offers.

All of these offers essentially have the same campaign structure. Users sign up and participate in a poll asking them how they'll vote next week. Doing so makes them eligible to win prizes such as gift cards or cash. All of the offers convert on either a one page, two page, or e-mail submit. We don't even know who the candidates are to choose from because of how low key this whole election thing has been, so you'll probably need to do some research beforehand.

All traffic sources besides incentive are represented across the five offers, which may play a part in determining which to promote. All five have been converting well for our affiliates though so it may be a matter of testing which works best with your strategy.

Listed below are the five election based campaigns

Election Survey 2016 - Email Submit / $1.40 CPAElection Survey 2016 - Email Submit / $1.40 CPA

Elect: Democrat vs. Republican / $2.00 CPAElect: Democrat vs. Republican / $2.00 CPA

Sweepstakes A Day - Celebrity Trump vs Hilary / $1.60 CPASweepstakes A Day - Celebrity Trump vs Hilary / $1.60 CPA

Hilary Clinton vs Donald Trump - One Field / $1.00 CPAHilary Clinton vs Donald Trump - One Field / $1.00 CPA

Choose the Next President - $250 VISA Gift Card/ $2.00 CPAChoose the Next President - $250 VISA Gift Card/ $2.00 CPA

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06 OCT 2016 - Offer

Longstanding Top Antivirus Campaign Norton Receives Rate Increase

Norton Anti-Virus has consistently been a top campaign at MaxBounty for many of our affiliates. Now it has a higher rate than ever before. The NEW $36 CPA rate for this offer converts on a completed purchases of Norton’s software.

Users can download Norton Security to help protect their computer, smartphone and tablet from harmful viruses and spyware. It’s widely considered one of the best anti-virus programs, and is one of the biggest brands within the MaxBounty network. Not only is this new $36 rate the highest this offer has ever had, it’s also our highest rate for ANY anti-virus campaign in the network, and Norton is already one of the most recognized brands for PC security and protection. These are high converting offers, and now they can make affiliates of MaxBounty even more money then before.

This campaign has a GeoRedirect version that we’ll link to at the bottom of this post that will automatically direct all leads to the correct Norton offer based on geographical location. Do keep in mind however that this campaign is simply a redirect shell, meaning It will track clicks but not leads. Full tracking can be found on the appropriate country specific version of each Norton offer.

This collection of Norton offers allow web, contextual, social, and mobile traffic. Custom creatives are allowed but MUST be approved. Please talk with your Affiliate Manager if you plan on using any of your own creative. This offer also allows traffic from over a dozen countries, which as previously mentioned, can be directed to automatically but using the GeoRedirect version of the campaign below.

Norton - GeoRedirect Norton - GeoRedirect

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