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22 JUN 2016 - Offer

Whistle Pet Tracking Device Will Find You Earnings

The Whistle Pet Tracking DeviceWhistle Pet Tracking Device is one of those products that was created to solve a specific problem, and when the product is able to do just that, you can expect success to follow soon after. This campaign allows for users to purchase that device, and pays you the affiliate $36 for each sale that is converted.

The Whistle is a GPS Pet Tracker that is attached to the collar of an owner’s pet. The device is accompanied by a mobile app in which users can track their pet’s location, assisting in tracking down any pet that may wander or become lost. In addition to the GPS tracking capabilities, the app also allows for smart activity monitoring. This means users can stay on top of their pets sleeping habits, physical activity, and overall health. Whistle claims to be the only device that offers both tracking and monitoring to the extent that they do.

The Whistle has been featured in a number of mainstream news media such as Wired, USA Today, TechCrunch, Good Morning America, and BuzzFeed. This type of attention can go a long in way in establishing trust between the user and the product/campaign.

This campaign couldn’t be more perfect for any affiliates operating pet related blogs or websites, and targeted niche offers like this one tend to easily find success with that method.

Web, social, contextual, mobile, search, AND e-mail traffic are all allowed when promoting this offer, providing you with a wide range of freedom when it comes to promotional methods.

Login in to your MaxBounty account to start promoting Whistle Pet Tracking Device Whistle Pet Tracking Device, and become one of the affiliates who are seeing high conversions on this campaign this month.

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09 JUN 2016 - Offer

Reap the Rewards of Running PointClub

PointClub PointClub is emerging as one of our better performing survey rewards campaigns, offering users rewards in return for their opinions. The service is entirely free, and members aren't required to provide any credit card or financial related information, ensuring that they are never taken advantage of or charged hidden fees. This can go a long way in establishing trust between the user and this campaign. They truly have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

PointClub members are asked to complete targeted surveys that relate to their interests and demographics. For doing so, they'll be rewarded primarily with cash or gift cards. Affiliates are paid out $1.50 for every user who signs up and confirms through their e-mail. For a free sign-up that requires no CC information and rewards you, there's potential for conversions at that rate to add up quickly.

There is potential for a cap increase once quality has been established. If you get to that point you can contact your Affiliate Manager to inquire about an increase.

This campaign allows Web, search, social, and contextual traffic from the US. It's also mobile enabled. You can run it right now by logging in to your MaxBounty account and going to this link link .

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06 MAY 2016 - Offer

Find Lost Earnings with MYNT Tracking Device

Tracking devices have increasingly become a popular tech product over the last few years but MYNTMYNT may be the best one yet. This $12 CPA campaign has the potential for high conversions backed by an innovative device and well branded creatives. It’s also ONLY available through MaxBounty!

The MYNT Tracking DeviceMYNT Tracking Device is a bi-directional anti-loss device that allows you to track important items in case they’re misplaced or stolen. It fits in a wallet, can attach to a keychain, or even be affixed to electronics such as laptops or remote controls.

MYNT pairs with users smartphones including iOS, Android, and Mac OS X platforms. Users will then be able to see real time alerts, maps, and communicate with other MYNT users regarding lost items all on their mobile device.

If you’ve had success previously with similar tracking offers, you could obtain it again by promoting MYNT with a similar strategy.

Below you’ll see an example of the bright attractive creatives available to you, which even mention the products reddot award. Something like this may seem minor, but can go a long way in adding legitimacy to an offer.


The campaign allows web, contextual, social, and search traffic, and is mobile enabled. Login to your MaxBounty account now to begin running MYNT!

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26 APR 2016 - Offer

MaxBounty Prescribes RX Advocates Offer to Combat Low Earnings

The Rx AdvocatesThe Rx Advocates offer is a new AND exclusive campaign to MaxBounty that is seeing strong conversions already. The $2.40 CPA rate converts on an easy one page submit, in which conversions can accumulate fast if the appropriate user demographic is targeted effectively.

Users who qualify for the service will be given assistance in applying for Patient Assistance Programs that are offered by pharmaceutical companies. This allows users to receive brand name medications for a little as $20 per month. If users don’t currently have health insurance or if they do but it doesn’t cover their medications, they can still qualify for assistance programs. This offer should be entice a large number of individuals, which could be one reason why it’s been successful so quickly.

Web, contextual, social, search, and e-mail traffic are allowed in promotion of this campaign. This gives many of our affiliates a significant amount of freedom as to how to promote this offer, as well as the ability to potentially test multiple traffic sources. Any MaxBounty pubs with health or medical related websites/blogs could benefit from the offer’s wide selection of professional looking creatives.

Remember that MaxBounty is literally the ONLY place you’ll find this offer, so login to your account and start running Rx Advocates now to reap the benefits of being one of our affiliates.

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21 APR 2016 - Offer

CheapOair IOS/Android App Campaign Launches at MaxBounty

CheapOair was previously one of our highest converting travel campaigns in the network. Now the company is back with two new mobile app offers for both Android and Apple IOS that are likely to reach similar heights. The mobile application has all of the functions of CheapOair’s main website, but makes it easier for users to navigate and book travel accommodations on their cellphone. The offer converts on a completed download of the app and has a $1.20 payout.

Both versions of the app are completely free for users. With it they’ll be able to book flights with over 450 airlines, as well as hotel and car accommodations. The app has a significant number of additional features as well. Users can check a flight status, access itineraries, and even select their seat on their plane. The app and CheapOair in general are aimed at making the process of booking a flight as easy and affordable as possible.

Both campaigns have a good selection of colorful attractive creatives to use in your promotion.

Below you can choose between the IOS or Android versions of the app offer. It might be a good idea to potentially test both and see which one yields better results for your specific strategy.

Run CheapOair Android App CampaignRun CheapOair Android App Campaign

Run CheapOair IOS App Campaign Run CheapOair IOS App Campaign

These offers allow web, contextual, social, and search traffic, and are (obviously) mobile enabled. Canadian and US traffic are permitted.

Login to your MaxBounty account now to run these NEW app offers with high converting potential!

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