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21 APR 2016 - Offer

CheapOair IOS/Android App Campaign Launches at MaxBounty

CheapOair was previously one of our highest converting travel campaigns in the network. Now the company is back with two new mobile app offers for both Android and Apple IOS that are likely to reach similar heights. The mobile application has all of the functions of CheapOair’s main website, but makes it easier for users to navigate and book travel accommodations on their cellphone. The offer converts on a completed download of the app and has a $1.20 payout.

Both versions of the app are completely free for users. With it they’ll be able to book flights with over 450 airlines, as well as hotel and car accommodations. The app has a significant number of additional features as well. Users can check a flight status, access itineraries, and even select their seat on their plane. The app and CheapOair in general are aimed at making the process of booking a flight as easy and affordable as possible.

Both campaigns have a good selection of colorful attractive creatives to use in your promotion.

Below you can choose between the IOS or Android versions of the app offer. It might be a good idea to potentially test both and see which one yields better results for your specific strategy.

Run CheapOair Android App CampaignRun CheapOair Android App Campaign

Run CheapOair IOS App Campaign Run CheapOair IOS App Campaign

These offers allow web, contextual, social, and search traffic, and are (obviously) mobile enabled. Canadian and US traffic are permitted.

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16 MAR 2016 - Offer

Popularity Ascending for Qatar Airways Travel Campaign

Qatar Airways Qatar Airways is beginning to garner a reputation as one of the worlds premier international airlines. Offering flights to over 150 destinations, the company continues to grow in popularity and name value. The airline is also known for its exceptional service that includes luxurious first class cabins and special customer accommodations. You can take advantage of this recognition by promoting this campaign at MaxBounty.

This offer has a $12 CPA rate that converts on a completed flight booking. What makes this offer so enticing is that it’s literally available to promote to ANY country, and has unlimited cap for our affiliates at MaxBounty to utilize. This is some unparalleled freedom, making this a top choice for any pub looking to promote a high converting travel campaign. The offer also permits, display, social, search, and contextual traffic, and is mobile enabled.

Login to your MaxBounty account now to promote this offer this offer .

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03 MAR 2016 - Offer

MaxBounty Seeks B2B Traffic to Meet Advertiser Demand

Promoting business to business (b2b) campaigns creates a unique opportunity to angle your promotions differently than other types of offers. You’re not attracting just typical users, but users who require the use of a product or service for their own business related operations. This types of campaigns tend to favour affiliates who are better equipped at targeting a more defined user base, since b2b offers tend to not be constructed for a mass market. Conversely, this can create more interest from users who are specifically seeking what you’re promoting. What you may lose in mass appeal, you gain in promoting something that can be extremely beneficial to a specific part of the market who know what they want.

We’re currently pumping out some great b2b campaigns with high converting potential, and if you’ve had any success in the past in the b2b vertical, then we think you might want to take a look.

We’ve listed all our b2b campaigns for you to check out below. These are campaigns that offer a diverse number of products/services, with varying CPA rates and permitted traffic sources. We’re looking for more affiliates to promote these campaigns to meet the demand of our advertisers. We need YOUR traffic and you can earn a considerable amount by sending it to these offers that have high converting potential.

All B2B Campaigns

AnyLoanToday – Small Business Loans – $4.00/Lead AnyLoanToday – Small Business Loans – $4.00/Lead
Emaze Presentations – Custom PowerPoint Design $80.00/Sale Emaze Presentations – Custom PowerPoint Design $80.00/Sale
Emaze Presentations – Buy Now 30% Off – $80.00/Sale Emaze Presentations – Buy Now 30% Off – $80.00/Sale
99designs – Logo Contest Launch – $60.00/Sale 99designs – Logo Contest Launch – $60.00/Sale – Small Business Loans – $24.00/Lead – Small Business Loans – $24.00/Lead
Kabbage Small Business Loans – US – $200.00/Lead Kabbage Small Business Loans – US – $200.00/Lead
Business and Personal Credit Score – Premium Upgrade – $48.00/Sale Business and Personal Credit Score – Premium Upgrade – $48.00/Sale
Nav – Small Business Credit Score – $8.00/Lead Nav – Small Business Credit Score – $8.00/Lead
PayAnywhere – Credit Card Reader PayAnywhere – Credit Card Reader

If you have any questions regarding one of these offers, your Affiliate Manager will be glad to assist you. Also feel free to leave a comment on our Facebook page and we can steer you in the right direction.

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