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17 OCT 2016 - Affiliate Rewards

EQ Bank Bolsters both Users and Affiliate Bank Accounts

EQ Bank - Savings Pluse AccountEQ Bank - Savings Pluse Account is a new financial campaign at MaxBounty that you’ll only find with us. We’re the first and only network that has launched this offer and its $110 CPA Rate is one of the LARGEST in the entire network for a non sale campaign. If you can discover an effective strategy for promoting this offer, there’s potential to increase your earnings substantially with such an enormous rate.

EQ Bank offers users an additional Savings Account outside of their traditional financial institution. This is a High Interest Saving’s Account that will allow users to save more money, while providing additional features such as unlimited e-transfers, bill payments, and no monthly fees. Users can sign up for the account in less than five minutes and have it approved and opened within the same day.

This offer only allows Canadian traffic and is available by request. Web, Contextual, Social, and Search are permitted sources of traffic. This campaign converts on a submitted new bank account application.

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13 OCT 2016 - Affiliate Rewards

Make MaxBounty Number One Again

Are you tired of being exposed to controversial debates, media agendas, and political mudslinging? Perhaps you’re having difficulty choosing between two refutable candidates within your developed democratic North American nation.

Well why not just vote for MaxBounty instead?

We promise it’s way less stressful and voting requires hardly any effort. Since MaxBounty has been voted the #1 CPA network for three years in a row by mThink’s Revenue Performance BlueBook Survey by the industry’s top affiliates and advertisers, you also already know you’re voting for a qualified candidate. We’ve achieved the three-peat but we do not want to relinquish the title and we’re asking YOU to help ensure that doesn’t happen.

Have you had a positive experience working with MaxBounty in 2016? Then make MaxBounty grea- we mean, number one again.

Vote for MaxBounty below:

Vote Here

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28 SEP 2016 - Affiliate Rewards

MaxBounty Launches Affiliate Rewards: Banff Contest!

Our SIXTH Affiliate Rewards contest is about to start, and although we might say every time we launch a reward contest that the new destination will be the best one yet, we’re going to go ahead and claim that once again anyways because it continues to be true!

Universally pegged as one of the most beautiful places on the entire planet, next summer MaxBounty and 12 affiliates will be going to gorgeous Banff, Alberta, Canada!

Seriously, Banff is truly a one of kind location, outlined by sprawling snow covered Rockies that seemingly reach for the sky, divided by crystal blue waters that are clearer than a window. It’s pure unfiltered eye candy, and we promise your pupils are going to be experiencing the sugar high of a lifetime

Perhaps you’re thinking to yourself, “So if I win, I’m just going to be staring at the most astonishing scenery I’ve ever seen in my entire life all day? That’s it?!” While it is accurate that seeing Banff’s landscapes in person will make everything else look like a blurry bad-filtered Instagram from that one wannabe photographer friend in comparison, we promise we have much more than just sightseeing planned, including:

White Water Rafting

Gondola Rides

The Calgary Stampede

Local Fine Dining


In addition to the scenery, the activities, and the gluttony, you'll get days of one on one time with MaxBounty and our other top affiliates. You'll have the opportunity to discuss promotional strategies, offers, and anything and everything about performance marketing with the people who know it best.

You can become one of the 12 winning affiliates heading to Banff three different ways.

1) Be one of 6 top earning affiliates within the contest period.

2) Be one of 3 most improved affiliates within the contest period.

3) Be one of 3 'wildcard' affiliates, chosen at random by MaxBounty.

The contest starts this Saturday October 1st, and will run for SEVEN months until the end of April 2017, giving you more time than ever to make it into the top 12. You can find out more details by heading to

This contest is only open to MaxBounty affiliates, so if you aren't one and would like to be a part of the contest (which we highly suggest) then you can apply to become an affiliate with us by heading here.

If you're tired of hearing about how beautiful Banff is from us and can't wait until you're attending next year (Yes, we're THAT confident that you can do this!) then you can watch the video below and see for yourself.

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08 SEP 2016 - Affiliate Rewards

Affiliate Rewards Spain Ends but Tomato Scent Remains

MaxBounty’s fifth Affiliate Rewards is over, and although saying ‘it was our best one yet’ might sound cliché, it couldn’t be any more truthful.

Spain was breathtaking.

From the beautifully restored architecture that lined the vibrant art-filled (and later tomato filled) streets, to local cuisine that made you realize how boring and bland most of the food is you normally eat, you felt like you were somewhere special. Which is exactly what we aim for with these events – providing an opportunity for our affiliates to be rewarded by traveling to somewhere unique, entertaining, and undoubtedly memorable.

If being part of the world’s largest tomato fight with thousands of other people isn’t memorable, then we’re not sure what it is. The lingering tomato residue might also help refresh your memory.

Of course, the other important component of Affiliate Rewards is having the ability to talk one on one with other top affiliates and MaxBounty about promotion strategies, campaigns, and anything affiliate marketing. It's a rare opportunity in this industry, and a large part of what makes Affiliate Rewards so special.

Oh there is this as well...

The best part was getting to share this experience with some of our hardest working affiliates. They earned this trip, and we hope it provides some inspiration to all of our affiliates that you also have the opportunity to make it to Affiliate Rewards, as we WILL have more contests in the very near future.

One last big thank you is in order to Hans, Zac, Ken, Oh, Josh, Troy, Chris, Rohit, Dani, Charles, Deep, and Inbal for making the experience so enjoyable for the MB team and for their continued support and business with MaxBounty!

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25 AUG 2016 - Affiliate Rewards

T-minus 2 days Until Affiliate Rewards Spain!

It's here! After nearly 9 months in the making Affiliate Rewards Spain will kick off this weekend!

To coincide with the event we created a limited run of shirts that all of our affiliates who are attending will receive!

The front of the shirt showcases La Tomatina (which we will all be attending) and the MaxBounty logo in classic Spain red and yellow. Each affiliate attending also has their name printed directly on to the back, ensuring they'll never forget the trip, even if they end up not remembering some of it...

Although Steph, Beshan, and Val look alright in these shirts, we're confident the 12 affiliates coming will look even better.(Sorry guys)

See you soon, in SPAIN!

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