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15 NOV 2017 - Industry

Vote MaxBounty as Your #1 CPA Network of the Year!

There’s only one month left to vote for MaxBounty in mThink’s BlueBook Top CPA Nework Survey, with polls closing on December 17th.

If you haven’t yet voted for us, you can fill out the short survey by heading here. It only takes about 30 seconds to complete and all industry professionals including affiliates, advertisers, and agency members are encouraged to make their voice heard.

MaxBounty has placed 1st in these ranking three times previously, and we need your help in making it four.

We strive to continually evolve and adapt to ensure our network offers you new features and services, like our webhosting and revshare campaigns that we’ve recently launched. We hope you feel the same way when filling out this survey, and feel confident in naming MaxBounty your top CPA network of the past year.

Vote Now

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03 AUG 2017 - Industry

Vote for MaxBounty in the 2018 mThink Bluebook Survey

If you’ve been reaching your goals and improving your business with MaxBounty, we ask that you share that with the world by voting for us in this year’s mThink BlueBook Top Network Survey.

Every year, mThink tallies votes from affiliates, advertisers, and industry professionals to determine which CPS and CPA networks are considered the best to work with in the affiliate marketing industry. Professional service, quality of offers, and a network’s ability to stand out amongst their competition, are some of the criteria to consider when placing your vote. We like to think we excel at providing each of those to our clients, and if for any reason you disagree, we want you to tell us.

MaxBounty has been voted the #1 CPA network in this survey on three occasions, and we want you to help us make it four.

The voting is open now and you can have your voice heard by clicking here to begin the survey. The survey itself only asks four questions and can be completed in under a minute.

mThink is the online publishing division of mThinkDigital, a leading interactive marketing services agency focused on digital strategy, content marketing, customer acquisition, e-commerce and thought leadership.

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15 MAR 2017 - Industry

The Importance of Promoting with Pictures in Affiliate Marketing

Earlier this month we talked about the importance of writing effective headlines when promoting an offer. Launching highly targeted Facebook ads, creating a custom squeeze page, and other forms of promotional support all require you to do just that. Another important component of those promotion methods is properly utilizing images to increase engagement.

Look at this Photograph

The internet is an environment where users are looking to consume information as quickly as possible, and social media has accelerated this ten fold. The faster you can accurately communicate to them what it is you’re promoting, the better chance you have of maintaining their interest. It’s not just an old idiom that a picture says a 1000 words, it’s a term manifested from truth. Pictures have been proven to increase engagement, and the right pictures can act as a green light at the start of the sale path for the user.

Increasing Valuable Engagement

Although it may sound obvious, you want to ensure the pictures you use are relative to what it is you’re promoting. This is where we’ve seen some affiliates make a misstep. An attractive picture is nice, but if there’s a disconnect between it and the actual content, the user is going to be ending their engagement almost immediately. They’re going to notice the irrelevance and it will distract them from the actual product/service you’re trying to promote.

If you’re promoting a skincare offer, don’t use a picture of a dog. They have fur.

"Pictures are only effective in influencing brand choice if there is a clear connection with the brand and message" – Giep Franzen, Advertising Effectiveness

There are multiple resources online that can supply you with high quality free-to-use images, without looking like the typical sterile stock photo. Pexels and Unsplash, just to name a couple. Use these and other sites to your benefit in order to give your landing page or other creatives a high quality look. Whether you're creating from scratch or using an LP builder,

If possible, showcase the product or service in your images, or present a scenario of the user post-purchase. For example, if you’re promoting a travel offer like, show the outcome of the user using the service.

The two images below could both be used for this example, but the right photo is a less than genuine stock photo that doesn’t communicate much other then faux enthusiasm. The left photo which I obtained from, actually relates to the benefit of the offer – how the user could be positively effected by using’s services. It’s more tangible and adds a level of realism not found in the photo to the right. It also adds legitimacy to the campaign, as stock photos can have a reputation for being used for low quality or scammy products.


Sweet Emotion

The image on the left above attempts to generate a specific emotion from the user that the stock image fails at accomplishing. In this case, the excitement of traveling to a new destination. In any type of advertising, striving to create an emotional response from the audience is important, and that philosophy should be no different for your promotional methods. The type of emotion you’re trying to invite from the user should relate to what you’re promoting, but can include a wide range of feelings like happy, sad, angry, disgusted, excited, excited, and countless more. You won’t find as much success relying purely on logic, so tap in to the emotions of the user to ultimately increase your conversions

As with anything in affiliate marketing, always test to see what works best. It's the best way to hone your promotion techniques and to learn what does and doesn't work with certain demographics.

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15 FEB 2017 - Industry

Can Questions in Headlines Be Effective in Affiliate Marketing?

It’s easy to find proponents for both sides of the argument in regards to using questions in headline copy. For affiliates, that will frequently be the copy they write for the top of a custom landing page or squeeze page. Some will argue headlines structured as a question are ineffective, while others will swear by it’s connective nature to the user. Betteridge's law of headlines even states: "Any headline that ends in a question mark can be answered by the word no." It is named after Ian Betteridge, a British technology journalist. There’s definitely some truth to that statement, but the challenge and benefit comes from using questions that aren’t simply answered with a ‘No’.

We think the real answer to the question found in this headline is likely somewhere in between the two trains of thought, and we’re going to tell you why.

The best headline copy questions are ones that ensure the user’s answer to that question persuades them to become more invested in what you’re promoting. That’s why the phrasing of the question is so important, because you’re aiming to minimize the possibility of a user answering that question negatively. If anything, you don’t want them to be able to answer it at all. You want them to have to read through the rest of your copy to find their answer. Doing this will increase their interest in what you’re promoting, ensuring they invest more time into your landing page and learning about the offer.

If you directly tie the answer to the question with the campaign’s product or service you’re promoting, there’s a greater likelihood the user will go looking for the answer. To properly answer the question you’ve asked them, they will literally HAVE to find out more information first. You want a conversation to open within their user’s head, where perhaps without even realizing it they’re automatically trying to answer what you’ve asked.

An example of this could be: “Is This Weight Loss Program The Perfect Match For YOUR Body?”

The user isn’t going to be able to answer this question without delving in a bit further, inevitably learning more about the program. They’re engaging with your ad, article, social media post, or landing page, and spending quality time learning more about the product. This is going to increase the probability of a conversion significantly. The goal is to inspire the curiosity of the user.

If you were to just ask: “Are You Looking to Shed Pounds Right Now?” it’s very easy for the user to answer “No.” in their heads if they feel unmotivated or are still considering options when it comes to weight loss or living a healthier lifestyle. The disconnect between the headline and the content (which for affiliates will be the campaign landing page or a custom squeeze page) allows for an easy “exit” out of the sales path, leading to a reduced conversion rate.

Questions aren’t always the best option for headline copy, but they can still be useful way to attract users to engage if you put some thought behind what is you’re asking. Strive to make them as inclusive as possible to maximize the amount of users who want to learn more about the campaign you’re promoting.

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06 FEB 2017 - Industry

Pinterest Search Advertising Could Open New Traffic Avenue for Affiliates

Image based social juggernaut Pinterest announced the introduction of a search advertising function to their website last week. This is obviously big news to affiliates who are always looking for new traffic sources.

Google has long been the undisputed king of search advertising, but other sites and platforms like Pinterest are seemingly beginning to covet some of that kingdom’s wealth.

Pinterest said that its users utilize their platform to research products for up to three months before making a large purchase. This activity is the catalyst for implementing a search advertising platform, because the opportunity for marketers to advertiser to new potential consumers is so apparent based on that data.

In their post on announcing the news, Pinterest had the following to say about the new advertising platform:

“Today, we're excited to introduce Search Ads on Pinterest: a new way to connect with people searching for your products and services. We’re rolling out a full suite of features, including Keyword and Shopping Campaigns that are shown in search results, along with powerful new targeting and reporting options. And we’re continuing with our ongoing commitment to promote relevant content that makes Pinterest better for everyone.”

For now, Pinterest is only testing the new system with several big brand companies such as eBay, Garnier, Target, and Home Depot. This is to ensure they’ve fine tuned and developed a proper algorithm before allowing the masses (including affiliates) full access. However, once this happens, it could open up a new unsaturated market for affiliates to promote campaigns that allow search advertising in an environment that sees TWO BILLION searches every month. Stay informed to find out when their search advertising will be openly available.

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