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13 SEP 2016 - Network

MaxBounty Introduces Their First Ever Training Program!

For the first time EVER, MaxBounty is introducing its own comprehensive performance marketing training! MaxBounty University opens its doors this fall on October 3rd, and will be available to ALL affiliates who have been approved into the network, free of charge.

We’ve partnered with website and lead generation experts Lead Gadget, to create a unique training program that’s designed to enable affiliates to reach their online goals at MaxBounty. Each week, a new video lesson will be released that focuses on a specific topic. These lessons will actually show you HOW to complete specific tasks that will expand your knowledge of performance marketing, all while broadening your skill set for promoting campaigns. This is performance marketing training done the right way, placing the importance on what you can do to improve your chances at being successful.

This Thursday September 15th at 2pm, we will be broadcasting a live webinar where more details will be unveiled about MBU and what it can offer MaxBounty affiliates. Whether you’re a brand new affiliate wondering where to start, or an experienced guru looking for something new, MBU will have useful information that can improve your promotional strategies and techniques.

We highly suggest you register for Thursday’s live webcast by clicking here.

You can also join the official MBU Facebook group where you'll be able to chat with other students as well as the creators of the training program. Head here to become a member.

Last but not least, if you're not currently a MaxBounty affiliate and want to become one to gain access to this training course, you can apply to become one here.

This webinar will be the best way for you to learn more about MBU before it goes live on October 3rd, and why it has the potential to become an ongoing tool that will assist you in reaching a higher level of success as a MaxBounty affiliate.

Don't forget your pencil.

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16 AUG 2016 - Network

Navigating MaxBounty’s New Offer Categories

With the launch of our new site and user interface a few months ago, we introduced a newly renovated campaign browsing system. This update not only aims to provide affiliates with a different way to find campaigns, it also ensures they’re choosing campaigns that have a high potential for success. Although the ‘Search Campaign’ option on the sidebar will allow an affiliate to find any offer in the network, the campaign categories on the main interface offer some unique benefits.

New Campaigns and Recently Viewed are pretty self explanatory categories, so we’re going to give an expanded description of the other three tabs: Top Campaigns, Trending Campaigns, and MaxBounty Picks.

Top Campaigns

One of the most frequently asked questions any Affiliate Manager in any network gets asked is “What are your highest converting campaigns at the moment?” Although we appreciate and encourage ANY questions from our affiliates, you can now find the answer to that question immediately. Our Top Campaigns category literally shows you which campaigns at MaxBounty affiliates are currently earning the most money promoting. These are the cream of the cop offers, and if there’s a fit niche and traffic wise with your promotion strategy, then these could be a great option for running something new with a high earning history.

Trending Campaigns

This category is all about potential. These are the campaigns receiving the most attention by our affiliates. This could be happening because they’re either new, sought after, popular within the industry, or a combination of a number of those factors. Either way, you may soon find campaigns in this category in the Top Campaigns category. Running them before the market becomes saturated is important, because it gives you the opportunity to maximize the potential for increasing your earnings while the offer is still in the early stages of it’s life span.

If you’re stuck in a rut and looking for something different, a trending campaign is a great idea.

MaxBounty Picks

These campaigns are targeted towards EACH singular affiliate, creating a custom category that’s for you and you alone. These are certainly worth testing, because campaigns you’ve already had success with our used to determine which offers are displayed here, meaning the chance of you finding similar success with an offer in this category is high. If you’re looking for a new offer but don’t have something specific in mind, this is a great way to find one without risking the danger of going too far off the board of what's worked for you previously.

Although this new system is designed to give you more control in finding offers with high converting potential, always feel free to ask your Affiliate Manager about a specific campaign, and whether or not they think it’s a good fit for you.

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30 JUN 2016 - Network

New MaxBounty Features Focus on Importance of Landing Pages

The importance of landing pages and more specifically finding which one’s work the best for you is crucial for many affiliates. When we were developing our new site that launched last month, we made sure to keep this is mind. Deciding which new features we wanted to add to the updated affiliate interface was dependent on what we thought would actually assist affiliates. We knew providing more options for campaigns with multiple landing pages would do that. We thought we’d talk a little more about each one specifically, how to use it, and why it’s an improvement.

Customizable Landing Page Tracking Links

This can be extremely useful for the affiliate because often when campaigns have multiple landing pages, it’s because each LP is actually angled differently. A strict sales oriented landing page is quite different than one that utilizes an advertorial approach. You the affiliate may also be choosing to use a custom landing page, which in that case a ‘direct to checkout’ style LP is the best option. There’s pages with just basic text, and there's pages with video content, and this feature aims capitalizes on this diversity, allowing you to take advantage of campaigns with multiple LP’s by testing and optimizing your strategy like never before.

The below screenshot shows you the selection page you'll be directed to after choosing your traffic source on a campaign's page.


Individual Landing Page Reporting

Due to the previous feature we just discussed, you’re now able to also look at how well each landing page is doing in your promotion. This includes clicks, leads, clickthrough rate, earnings and EPC for each indivudal LP. Instead of just viewing your earnings for a specific offer, you’re now able to see how those earnings are split across the respective landing pages if you’ve decided to try running more than one.

This feature provides you with more insight in to what works better for your specific strategy or perhaps your traffic method. This was not capable in the old version of the site and it’s something that we really wanted to provide in the re-design.

Below you'll see how to use this new feature.



These two features combined provide affiliates with extra tools and information that are intended to help them decide what works best, hopefully leading to an eventual earnings increase. Optimization is a monumental part of affiliate marketing, and these additions are aim to do that.

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31 MAY 2016 - Network

MaxBounty Launches New Website and User Interface!

After a lot of brainstorming, hard work, and feedback over the last year, we're beyond proud and elated to finally announce the launch of the NEW MaxBounty!

By ‘The New MaxBounty' we mean a complete front to back redesign of our website. This includes both pre-login pages, and the affiliate dashboard user interface that all MaxBounty affiliates have access to. Not only does this mean a visual overhaul of the interface, but we optimized and added features to ensure you have as many tools as possible to help you promote campaigns successfully.

We thought we’d go over a few of the new features you’ll come across if you’re an affiliate with us, or if you’re planning on becoming one in the near future (which we highly suggest). Perhaps seeing what we have in store may even increase your desire to work with us. We’ve also provided some screenshots with each feature so that you can follow along and know where each one is located.

Affiliate Dashboard


Upon logging in to MaxBounty, you’ll quickly notice a number of new interface elements to the affiliate dashboard. Here you’ll see information regarding your Affiliate Manager, a quick shot of your recent earnings, various campaign lists, as well as news and updates to the right. The new dashboard is designed to provide you with the important information that you require the quickest, to make sure your time spent in the network is done so as efficiently as possible.

Campaign Categorization and Browsing


You’ll be able to sort, search, and find the optimal campaign you’re looking for easier than ever with our new campaign browsing system. Whether you’re searching for new campaigns, top converters, or an offer you’ve recently viewed, we've made sure you'll find it quickly. Every offer also has its own landing page screenshot automatically displayed, giving you a better preview of the campaign without even having to click on it.

In Depth Reporting

We’ve revamped the way you see your stats and earnings, allowing you to view more information to give you a better idea of how well your campaigns are doing. The visual overhaul means you'll also be able to analyze this information more quickly than in the previous version. Additional features such as the ability to provide 5 pieces of user sub-id instead of only 2, means you'll be able to understand and target your audience like never before.

Below you'll see a graph that will automatically compare your earnings for this week to last week, with additional sort-able stats for each campaign listed below that.


Clicking on the 'Landing Page' option to the right of the campaign as seen below, will bring you to another new feature we've added.


For campaigns with multiple landing pages, you'll now be able to see how well each specific landing page is converting. We know how important testing and optimization is when running any campaign, so this feature was implemented to provide you with another way to do just that.


Customizable Tracking Links

This new feature will allow you to customize your tracking link depending on the specific landing page you select for an offer. This gives you the affiliate more freedom to choose between which style of creative you'd like users to be tracked and directed to.


Requesting Campaigns

Here you'll able to request specific campaigns that you'd like to see at MaxBounty. Are you running a campaign somewhere else but would prefer to do so with us? Let us know what it is and we'll do whatever we can to make it available in our network. This simple feature will allow us to improve our offer base while providing you with more of what you're looking for.


Built in News and Updates

Being notified of campaign information, promotion and event updates, industry news, and other MaxBounty related tidbits will now require no navigation outside of the dashboard. This area is in theory our new blog, but is designed to deliver you that same useful information in a quicker and more digestible format. If there's an important promotion going on at MaxBounty that could earn you bonuses or prizes, you can find it all within our 'News' section, located on the left side panel of the dashboard.


There's a lot of other new components to the site that you'll inevitably come across as you get used to the new design. Hopefully this post provides a bit of insight on some of the ones we think are the most important, and where you can find them.

To say that we're excited to finally have all of our affiliates using the new interface would be an understatement. Hopefully you quickly become just as excited once you take a look around and see all the new features that are aimed to improve your experience with us.

Here's to the NEW MaxBounty!

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18 MAY 2016 - Network

MaxBounty: May 30th - Big things are coming

In our 12+ years as a company, this month may be our most monumental one ever.

Find out why on May 30th.

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