09 MAR 2016 - Industry

Pinterest Ads Now Viable Option for Affiliate Marketers

Pinterest has been a top name in the social media space for a while now, but it’s usefulness in affiliate marketing has had mixed results. The site’s Ad Manager was previously only available to big brand advertisers. That now changes as the company has released a new set of advertisers tools that are now available to medium and small businesses. This means an affiliate like yourself can now utilize Pinterest’s reach and volume for promoting CPA campaigns like those featured at MaxBounty.

In addition to opening up the Ad Manager to smaller advertisers, the targeting of the ads have been revamped in order to provide more options, and increase the specificity of who you’re trying to target. That number is growing from a mere 30 interests to a whopping 420. This can benefit you if you’re promoting offers that have smaller niches than your big interests like food and fashion.

Monetization Product Manager Nipoon Malhotra had this to say about the change to the Ad Manager system.

“First and foremost we want to build an ad platform that provides value to Pinners and is additive to the experience. We wanted to maximize the value they’re returning to partners.

There’s a few other things which come into that, we’re building this for small and medium-sized businesses, wanted to make sure the platform is easy to use and is optimized for them. The results for them you see kind of speak for that.”

If utilized properly, this could be a great new way to promote campaigns that allow social traffic. It’s different than Facebook ads but has the potential to offer the same success.

Pinterest is also introducing what they’re calling customer database targeting, this allows advertisers to upload a customer database and which can then be used to create a profile of people they want to advertise against. They’ll be able to run campaigns against those profiles, providing an easier way to determine what kinds of users they’d want to advertise against. An increase in the number of keywords available is part of this addition as well.

This should open up another avenue for affiliates to promote CPA campaigns. The level of it’s effectiveness will only be determined in time though.

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