09 JUN 2016 - Offer

Reap the Rewards of Running PointClub

PointClub PointClub is emerging as one of our better performing survey rewards campaigns, offering users rewards in return for their opinions. The service is entirely free, and members aren't required to provide any credit card or financial related information, ensuring that they are never taken advantage of or charged hidden fees. This can go a long way in establishing trust between the user and this campaign. They truly have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

PointClub members are asked to complete targeted surveys that relate to their interests and demographics. For doing so, they'll be rewarded primarily with cash or gift cards. Affiliates are paid out $1.50 for every user who signs up and confirms through their e-mail. For a free sign-up that requires no CC information and rewards you, there's potential for conversions at that rate to add up quickly.

There is potential for a cap increase once quality has been established. If you get to that point you can contact your Affiliate Manager to inquire about an increase.

This campaign allows Web, search, social, and contextual traffic from the US. It's also mobile enabled. You can run it right now by logging in to your MaxBounty account and going to this link link .

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