18 APR 2016 - Industry

New Algorithm Could Affect Affiliates Using Instagram for Promotion

Instagram is one of the few remaining social platforms to maintain a chronological ‘newsfeed’, but they’ll soon be following the trend set by Facebook and Twitter before them. A post on the Instagram blog states that”To improve your experience, your feed will soon be ordered to show the moments we believe you will care about the most.”

Essentially the content on user’s feeds is going to be re-ordered, aiming to deliver the contest the user is most interested in before anything. How is that going to be determined though?

It’s likely to be partly based on how user’s have interacted with each account previously, as well as it’s popularity among the general userbase and the specific posts that are being organized. If a user like’s a lot of posts from a specific account, then that account will be given priority on the user’s newsfeed. The time at witch the photo or video is posted will still have some bearing on it’s placement as well, so expect a chronological aspect to remain in the new algorithm.

How will this change the way Instagram is used as a traffic source in affiliate marketing?

If you use the photo-based social platform to aid in offer promotion, it’s possible you’ll need to re-strategize the type of content you post, depending on what you post currently. The biggest thing to take away from this is that engaging attractive content will become even more important in order to entice likes, and therefore a prioritized placement in your followers news feed. Increasing the amount of video content could be one way to increase engagement and to ensure you’re posts aren’t lost in the shuffle.

There’s no exact timeline for when this change will be implemented, but one could expect small changes beginning to happen over the next few months.

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