05 JUL 2016 - Office

MaxBounty Soccer Team Poised for League Domination

(Read best with a British accent)

The MaxBounty Hurricanes are taking the league by storm with a dominating win last week that saw the club outscore the opposition by a convincing 3 goals to 1. It’s a pivotal moment in the clubs illustrious history made all the more important by the subsequent morale boost. After setting out their stall, the Hurricanes applied relentless offensive pressure for the entire match, taking the lead early and never letting it go. Keeper Aaron Quinn was a proverbial wall besides one penalty goal, playing the last line of defense marvellously in what was a bloody good game for the Kanata native.

The club must be just chuffed to bits about their recent success and the confidence is bound to carry over to tonight’s matchup. Can the Hurricanes continue their rise up the standings? Time will tell, but the future of the season is looking brighter than ever for this dazzling dozen.

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