07 JUL 2016 - Affiliate Rewards

Winners to be Announced as Affiliate Rewards: Spain Contest Ends

The contest period for Affiliate Rewards: Spain has ended, and it’s now time for the 12 affiliates who will be coming with MaxBounty to Spain to be determined! Over the last 6 months thousands of you have battled for a position at the top of the rankings, and even if you didn’t quite reach the top, we hope you were able to improve in some way because of it. Whether it be expanding your knowledge, finding a new campaign, or developing your promotion strategies, becoming a better well rounded affiliate is more than just a consolation prize.

We are currently tabulating the results for all 4 categories, and winners should begin seeing e-mails notifying them if they’ve won shortly. The four categories include: 3 Most Improved affiliates, 2 Wildcard Affiliates, 1 Top Earning on McAfee Antivirus Campaign affiliate, and 6 Top Earning affiliates. All categories are based on earnings between January 1st and June 30th.

Thank you to ALL of our affiliates who ran traffic the last 6 months and participating in our biggest contest yet! We’ll have more details about the actual Spain trip soon. Be sure to check out our News Page frequently as well to see what we have planned for next time.


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