07 APR 2016 - Industry

Why CPA is a Better Option Than AdSense for Site Monetization

It’s a long standing debate in online marketing, but maybe it shouldn’t be. Many people looking to monetize their website or blog will inevitably make a decision between Google AdSense and CPA (cost per action) affiliate marketing. They’ll weigh the pros and cons of both as most of us do when deciding between two options. We’re going to take it one step further though and tell you why we think CPA is the unanimous winner over a CPC (cost per click) model like AdSense.


CPA offers you unprecedented control over what you’re promoting, and how you’re promoting it. A big problem with using AdSense is that you don’t get to decide what type of ads you’ll be displaying on your site. You could be operating a blog that is aimed at being the premier spot on the web for vegan recipes and animal awareness, but then AdSense provides you with a display ad for hunting apparel. Not exactly a match made in heaven. Now that’s obviously an extreme case, and AdSense does allow you to filter out keywords, but it’s still a problem that you’ll never need to worry about if you’re an affiliate at a CPA network like MaxBounty.

Networks allow you complete control to search through a library of campaigns, choose the one you want, and display it on your site. Most niches have multiple campaigns to choose from, with different angles and brands represented. YOU get to dictate what exactly goes on your site, and the more relative the ad is to your content, the less obtrusive it will seem to users.


Advertisers are willing to pay out a lot more for a desired action rather than a click. Utilizing CPA offers on your website provides a much higher ceiling than CPC ads like those run with AdSense. Although the user is required to do more, you’re opening up a door that allows you to make exponentially more money. Since there a variety of different actions that CPA campaigns can require for a lead to be generated, you’ll be able to choose which you think will work better for your site and niche. Whether it be a simple e-mail submit, or an offer that requires a sale, there’s more room for maximizing your potential and your earnings. You’re not even just limited to displaying ads to monetize your site, as other options such as offers that allow e-mail traffic can prove useful if you have a user list built.


The biggest benefit of CPA exists when your website is attracting a specific demographic. Even better if that demographic visits consistently and is engaged with your content. If you understand your traffic and your audience, then CPA will allow you to take advantage of that knowledge better than anything else.

If your site deals with a very broad or vague topic, will many suggest that AdSense is a better option, but remember that CPA offers wider tracking options that will allow you look at what’s happening behind the scenes of your campaigns more closely. This leads to being able to draw more accurate conclusions of what you may need to change to improve your conversion rate.

Affiliate Management

The last reason why a CPA network is the best option for monetizing your site, is that you get a designated Affiliate Manager who will provide you with support and insight. They’re there to help you, and can steer you in a new direction if you find you aren’t seeing the results you desire. You won’t get this same one on one dedication with Google. Networks consider you important because you are, and there’s knowledge you’ll gain out of talking to your AM that simply won’t exist with using AdSense.

Obviously CPA is going to require more time and work, but the additional benefits that come out of that are beyond worth it. You are given control, and with that comes the ability to learn what works better, eventually leading to you making more money than what’s possible with a lower ceiling platform like AdSense.

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