08 SEP 2016 - Affiliate Rewards

Affiliate Rewards Spain Ends but Tomato Scent Remains

MaxBounty’s fifth Affiliate Rewards is over, and although saying ‘it was our best one yet’ might sound cliché, it couldn’t be any more truthful.

Spain was breathtaking.

From the beautifully restored architecture that lined the vibrant art-filled (and later tomato filled) streets, to local cuisine that made you realize how boring and bland most of the food is you normally eat, you felt like you were somewhere special. Which is exactly what we aim for with these events – providing an opportunity for our affiliates to be rewarded by traveling to somewhere unique, entertaining, and undoubtedly memorable.

If being part of the world’s largest tomato fight with thousands of other people isn’t memorable, then we’re not sure what it is. The lingering tomato residue might also help refresh your memory.

Of course, the other important component of Affiliate Rewards is having the ability to talk one on one with other top affiliates and MaxBounty about promotion strategies, campaigns, and anything affiliate marketing. It's a rare opportunity in this industry, and a large part of what makes Affiliate Rewards so special.

Oh there is this as well...

The best part was getting to share this experience with some of our hardest working affiliates. They earned this trip, and we hope it provides some inspiration to all of our affiliates that you also have the opportunity to make it to Affiliate Rewards, as we WILL have more contests in the very near future.

One last big thank you is in order to Hans, Zac, Ken, Oh, Josh, Troy, Chris, Rohit, Dani, Charles, Deep, and Inbal for making the experience so enjoyable for the MB team and for their continued support and business with MaxBounty!

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