04 NOV 2016 - Offer

Voting is Hard, Running these Election based Offers is Not

This coming Tuesday is Election Day in the US. It's hardly been mentioned in the media the last year so if that's the first time you're hearing about it we wont be surprised. To mark the occasion and help improve your earnings, we have FIVE election based campaigns for you to run until then. You may be having trouble deciding who to vote for, so we're providing you an easy decision when it comes to running these offers.

All of these offers essentially have the same campaign structure. Users sign up and participate in a poll asking them how they'll vote next week. Doing so makes them eligible to win prizes such as gift cards or cash. All of the offers convert on either a one page, two page, or e-mail submit. We don't even know who the candidates are to choose from because of how low key this whole election thing has been, so you'll probably need to do some research beforehand.

All traffic sources besides incentive are represented across the five offers, which may play a part in determining which to promote. All five have been converting well for our affiliates though so it may be a matter of testing which works best with your strategy.

Listed below are the five election based campaigns

Election Survey 2016 - Email Submit / $1.40 CPAElection Survey 2016 - Email Submit / $1.40 CPA

Elect: Democrat vs. Republican / $2.00 CPAElect: Democrat vs. Republican / $2.00 CPA

Sweepstakes A Day - Celebrity Trump vs Hilary / $1.60 CPASweepstakes A Day - Celebrity Trump vs Hilary / $1.60 CPA

Hilary Clinton vs Donald Trump - One Field / $1.00 CPAHilary Clinton vs Donald Trump - One Field / $1.00 CPA

Choose the Next President - $250 VISA Gift Card/ $2.00 CPAChoose the Next President - $250 VISA Gift Card/ $2.00 CPA

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