17 NOV 2016 - Offer

Fiverr Campaign Features 16 Different Rates and Promo Code

Fiverr has become an enormous online brand, and our Fiverr campaign at MaxBounty has been increasing the earnings of many of our affiliates partly because of that. Now with the introduction of multiple CPA rates ranging from $15 to $40, there's an opportunity for even more success.

Fiverr acts as an online marketplace and liaison between those looking for tasks and services, and freelancers who can complete them. Costs for these jobs start at $5, hence the name. Jobs include digital services such as design, writing, translation, branding, and social media. Since the services found on Fiverr are so diversified, this campaign’s payout structure has mimicked that diversification. There are 16 service specific rates for this offer, providing a larger audience of users to target towards, and more ways for your earnings to increase.

Another unique feature of this campaign is that by you promoting it with the promo code MAXB20, users will 20% off the services they purchase. The creatives supplied with this offer advertise this promo for you already.

This campaign allows web, contextual, and social traffic, and allows traffic from ALL countries. Having 16 different rates and traffic from every country permitted provides you with A LOT of freedom as an affiliate to achieve a higher EPC. A lead will be generated on the purchase of a service by a first-time buyer that’s been directed to Fiverr.

You can run this campaign by heading to the offer page located here.here.

Here are all 16 rates and the corresponding Fiverr category needed to pay out that amount.

$15.00/Sale - Qualified purchase by a first-time buyer directly referred to Fiverr

$20.00/Sale - Video & Animation - Spokesperson & Testimonials

$20.00/Sale - Writing & Translation - Creative Writing

$32.00/Sale - Programming & Tech - Website Builder & CMS

$20.00/Sale - Programming & Tech - Ecommerce

$20.00/Sale - Programming & Tech - Web Programming

$24.00/Sale - Graphic & Design - 3D & 2D Models

$24.00/Sale - Graphic & Design - Web & Mobile Design

$32.00/Sale - Writing & Translation - Research & Summaries

$20.00/Sale - Digital Marketing

$40.00/Sale - Video & Animation - Whiteboard

$24.00/Sale - Video & Animation - Lyric & Music Videos

$32.00/Sale - Video & Animation - Animated Characters/Modeling

$24.00/Sale - Graphic & Design - Presentation Design

$24.00/Sale - Lifestyle - Online Private Lessons

$20.00/Sale - Programming & Tech - WordPress

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