26 APR 2016 - Offer

MaxBounty Prescribes RX Advocates Offer to Combat Low Earnings

The Rx AdvocatesThe Rx Advocates offer is a new AND exclusive campaign to MaxBounty that is seeing strong conversions already. The $2.40 CPA rate converts on an easy one page submit, in which conversions can accumulate fast if the appropriate user demographic is targeted effectively.

Users who qualify for the service will be given assistance in applying for Patient Assistance Programs that are offered by pharmaceutical companies. This allows users to receive brand name medications for a little as $20 per month. If users don’t currently have health insurance or if they do but it doesn’t cover their medications, they can still qualify for assistance programs. This offer should be entice a large number of individuals, which could be one reason why it’s been successful so quickly.

Web, contextual, social, search, and e-mail traffic are allowed in promotion of this campaign. This gives many of our affiliates a significant amount of freedom as to how to promote this offer, as well as the ability to potentially test multiple traffic sources. Any MaxBounty pubs with health or medical related websites/blogs could benefit from the offer’s wide selection of professional looking creatives.

Remember that MaxBounty is literally the ONLY place you’ll find this offer, so login to your account and start running Rx Advocates now to reap the benefits of being one of our affiliates.

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