16 MAR 2017 - Affiliate Rewards

3 Tax Season Offers to Earn You More than Your Return

Nobody likes Tax Season, but we’re going to try and give MaxBounty affiliates at least one reason to look forward to it. We’ve compiled three Tax Season campaigns that have potential to increase your earnings leading up to the tax deadline at the end of April. This is a unique niche in that the target audience is such a broad spectrum of people. This is good news for affiliates because these campaigns will appeal to a large demographic which means the opportunity for a lot of traffic and high conversions.

The three campaigns we’ve featured all differ from each other significantly, with different payouts, permitted traffic sources, and campaign structure. This is to give you a little bit of variety when selecting which you think would work best with your promotional strategies. All three offers allow US traffic only.

E-file.com - Tax Return Software - $15 CPA

With E-file.com, users can file their taxes online quickly and securely. Qualified tax support is available, and the software is incredibly easy to use - Users can file in less than 15 minutes, and get their refund as quickly as possible. E-file is a well known tax filing software, would should help in gaining the users’ trust when promoting this offer. This campaign converts on any completed tax return purchase.

Permitted Traffic Sources: Web, Contextual, Social, Mobile, Search

Fresh Start Initiative - IRS tax relief - US - $32 CPA

Fresh Start Initiative allows users to solve their IRS tax problems and start fresh as tax payers. From resolving issues from back taxes, liens, and penalties, top saving on what they owe the IRS. This offer converts upon a form completion for users that are over 10k in debt.

Permitted Traffic Sources: Social, Mobile, E-mail.

Tax Debt Relief - Pay Per Call - $45 CPA

This campaign gives users the ability to call and receive expert tax advice Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 9:00pm. As mentioned above, this is a Pay Per Call offer and therefore significantly different than the other two tax campaigns featured. It has a simple structure that could attract users, and converts on any qualified phone call.

Permitted Traffic Sources: Web, Search, Social, Contextual

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