The two founders of MaxBounty.com began their online careers over a decade ago as affiliate marketers. The world of affiliate marketing was very different back in 1997. There were few resources offering support and only a handful of advertising networks available for partnerships. After years of growth and eventual dissatisfaction with the low unbalanced ad rates being offered by these early networks, the brothers decided to start their own. This new network, MaxBounty.com, began in 2004 with the ideology that publishers should be paid the lion's share of the bounty generated by their marketing efforts. Further, all publishers, regardless of size, should be treated with respect. This core vision still holds true today.

With experience running a network, we've come to understand that advertisers also have their own set of difficulties to overcome, from managing their ROI on ad spends and focusing on lucrative traffic sources to combating fraud and managing the use of their brand. We begin all new advertising partnerships with the mindset of 'what would the advertiser want' and do our utmost to protect their interests.

MaxBounty now represents hundreds of advertisers and thousands of affiliate publishers as one of the largest and most experienced lead generation networks in the marketplace today. We act as a liaison between advertisers and affiliates, striving for a profitable balance for both sides.

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